Product Review: The Wash-It Laundry ball from Lakeland Limited


I recently discovered this amazing product for simplifying the whole process of doing the laundry. The Wash-It laundry ball is a re-useable ball filled with scientifically formulated pellets that ‘activate’ water molecules, producing electrolytic oxygen and hydrogen ions, which unleash their natural power to lift dirt from clothing fibers.

It does the job of both washing powder and fabric conditioner, all in one small plastic ball, and it lasted for 100 washes. When I first saw it I didn’t believe that it could really do all the blurb said it could, but at less than the price of one box of the washing powder I bought, I figured it was worth a try. And I’m so glad I did try it…it works! Clothes come out just as clean and nice as they were when I was using a good quality washing powder and a fabric conditioner. The only difference now is that they don’t smell of whatever artificial perfume was in the fabric conditioner I’d picked up that week. But I can live without that quite happily!
I’ve already started saving money with this ingenious thing and more importantly for me, I now no longer have to lug heavy and cumbersome boxes and bottles of laundry paraphernalia back from the grocery store or clean up the frequent spills of powder and liquid that my weak shaking hands deposited on the floor as I loaded the machine. Even hubby thinks it’s wonderful as he no longer has to think about how much of what goes where…he just pops the ball on top of the washing and that’s it. When the washing’s finished, the ball just goes back into the cupboard till next time.
The Wash-It Laundry Ball is absolutely safe and gentle for every fabric, and leaves no unsightly detergent residue behind that can irritate sensitive skin; contains no harsh chemicals that deteriorate fibers or fade colours; and lastly, it’s environmentally friendly.
Article submitted by: Lindsey Middlemiss ,, © 2006
You can purchase them here in the UK:!5718
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  • There is a new modification of the old ceramic type:

    “Magic laundry balls that we offer you are for as little as 10,000 and up to 50,000 washes and for at least 50 years of life. And we offer them at almost the same price as mineral ones. MLB work by increasing water’s natural cleaning abilities on electromagnetic principle.”

  • Kris

    I am a university student and I was sick of lugging heavy and not so eco- friendly detergent up and down my dorm stairs on a weekly basis. A few friends in Europe (why are they so much more eco friendly in Europe?) told me about this product (Green Wash Ball) they have been using—a green alternative to detergent. What? A rubbery ball with ceramics inside could clean my dirty nasty gym clothes!? I was a bit skeptical, but did recently try the Green Wash Ball It is amazing! My clothes came out clean,bright and and smelling fresh! Check it out- a great alternative to detergent. Who doesn’t want to save money (especially in this economic crisis) and help create a cleaner world for our children. I have suuggested the Green Wash Ball to all my family and friends!