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Sometimes I feel like the lead character in “The Princess and the Pea”. I am ultra-sensitive to the point where sleeping on a traditional mattress with springs is agony.

When I’m traveling, if I must sleep on a hotel’s extra-firm bed, I awaken the next day feeling as though I have actual bruises on my body wherever I made contact with the mattress.
So when my nine-year-old no wave waterbed mattress began to sag last year and I developed back trouble as a result, I fretted over how on earth I was going to find a replacement that was supportive enough yet gentle enough for my fragile body. Picking the wrong mattress can be a very costly mistake. And my husband, who is healthy, had to like it too.
I already had two Tempur-pedic pillows at home. I bought the first one after an auto accident when the physical therapist suggested I get a neck pillow that would give proper support. I liked it so much that I bought a second flat one to place between my knees to cut down on hip strain. So I did consider that brand from the beginning, but I also wanted to check out the competition to see what they offered.
The first place I went to was a discount furniture warehouse. They had their own brand of memory foam, several pillow tops, adjustable mattresses, and the kind with air in them. None of them would fit in an existing waterbed frame, which would mean I’d have to get a whole new bed with box springs and frame. I would lose the storage of my double under dresser as well. I tested out several mattresses in the store; nearly all of them were too firm for me. The memory foam had the opposite problem; I lay down on it and sagged downward almost immediately as it offered no support at all. I quickly decided that even though I would save money with one of these, the cost in terms of my physical well-being was too high.
I then went to a store that specialized in quality mattresses. Some of the pillow tops here were fairly luxurious, and my husband would have been happy with any of them, but they still weren’t quite right for me, and I’d still have to buy a whole new set up to use them. I tried the floor model Tempur-pedic, and the difference was immediately apparent. I didn’t sag into the mattress, but after a few minutes, it softened and conformed to my shape. I felt no pressure on my sensitive joints and muscles. And it did not require any sort of box spring or special frame, so I could buy just the mattress and use my existing waterbed frame. I was sold.
My husband was a bit dubious because the mattress is a bit brick-like when you first lie down on it, but we were assured we could return it during the trial period if we decided it wasn’t for us. After about a week, he conceded that it did get softer with use. He said he’d gotten accustomed to the feel of it and thought he was sleeping better than he had with the waterbed. So we were both happy.
Choosing the right mattress for you is a very personal decision as our differing ailments cause differing physical requirements. Try out a variety in the stores, and preferably buy something that has a return policy so you can take it back if after a few nights you realize it won’t work out. If you need both supportive and gentle at the same time, consider the Tempur-pedic. I found it to be worth every penny.

Review written by Karen Brauer,© 2008

  • Barbie Dobrev

    I think not all pillows poses this and it is suppose to be something that would also give comfort not a countless sleepless nights.

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  • Cary Cook

    I bought a Tempurpedic about 5 years ago…I was never sleeping, waking up feeling bruised as you were! The sales rep told us we could buy the expensive pillow top version but that honestly, the lower cost version would feel just the same. So that is what we bought. When we started sleeping on it, my husband immediately loved it and I hated it…I was used to the regular mattress kind of moving around when I did and at first it is hard to get used to. We had either 30 or 90 days to try it, I forget which, and I thought for sure I would have to return it. Then at around the 2.5 week mark, suddenly I got used to it. It makes a HUGE difference. No pressure points, but supportive…now when we go on vacation, I never sleep well. I have to get back to my special bed. Also, we did the test of a drink on one side and my 6’4″ hubby leaping onto the other side-he thought it was fun! The water did not spill. So if you are restless sometimes like me, your spouse actually gets a good night’s sleep. I highly recommend it as well. Thank you so much for your website.

  • this has been on my mind ever since I got a tempur-pedic pillow. (I wrote about it here.) what I sleep on makes a huge difference in how much pain I am dealing with the rest of the day. I’ve done all sorts of pillows and this has been most successful for me by far, not just in terms of how it is to sleep on one night, but how it holds up over time too!
    So I had been thinking, what about a mattress? We bought the cheapest mattress we could find, quite literally, and then got a cost-quality-compromise down topper. And honestly I don’t like it. The down settles in too quick, and I don’t have the strength to fluff it, and hubby doesn’t remember to nearly frequently enough (ahem) to make a difference. So on the pressure points, where it matters most, the feathers just go flat, and even when you rotate it, your rears are still sleeping in the same spot. Ahem.
    So, yeah. Definitely can’t afford the Tempur Pedic set but it is soooo good to hear from someone else with chronic pain issues that it really was helpful! It’s on my wish list now…

  • Lola

    Thank you for this — I have a Tempurpedic pillow and fantasize about getting the bed one day. May I ask which model you chose — the original or one of the fancier ones? Did you have to buy the separate foundation or base? Thanks!

  • Poogs

    I just recently bought a tempur-pedic mattress as I was in so much pain from my other HIGH END mattress that I was in tears and couldn’t sleep. I have FMS and I am being tested for SLE. This bed cannot stop pain, but it sure can prevent further pain and ease the pain that I have enough to get a decent sleep.
    PS Thank you for this site