Product Review: Personalized Party Favors


I know many of you have seen the wrapped chocolates, or cute personalized gift bags, at weddings and birthday parties. They are really cute and add that extra special touch. I love them and to be honest have thought so many times… I bet I can do that! The fact is, that to do it well, you need to have the supplies, the graphic know how, and the attention to detail that I just don’t have. Lately, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the energy, and I don’t have the money for all the supplies, and details to make things the way I would want them. I would want them perfect! So, as I have said before… “If you can’t do it yourself… find someone to do it for you!”!

Lori, of, cares about each party or event like it is her own. She has all the tools and know -how to make everything she makes top notch! She goes the extra mile to make sure every detail is attended to and I would trust her with any event. I have used her myself, and I have recommended her to friends with confidence.
I am admittedly a “crafty” person. When I was planning my wedding, there was no way I would have been able to do little details, like personalized wrapped mints, matchbooks, and gift bags. Trust me, I tried… and after about 2 hours trying to get sizing right on the computer, and playing with labels, and scissors until my hands hurt… I realized that working with Lori was the right thing to do. Don’t fool yourself! Her prices are reasonable, her service is amazing, and her turn around time is quick. What more could you ask for? You might think that no one will care about the exact color of pink for your little girl’s birthday… or that no one will want to get the perfect picture for those chocolate bars- but Lori will! She has many examples and templates from birthdays to weddings to baby showers, to help you design your favors.
With a wide selection of favors and other personalized products like chocolates, invitations, gift bags, labels and more, I would recommend this service to anyone. If you are like me, and have no time and no energy… or if you just want things done right…. call Lori! You’ll be happy you did- and so will your guests!
Review written by: Christine Miserandino, 2006