Product Review: Online Grocery Shopping


I had a bad week. I wasn’t feeling well and I felt so useless because I couldn’t get the things I wanted done, accomplished. I was tired with a fever and I just didn’t seem to have the energy to run errands. A friend of mine suggested I try

It is an online grocery store and they deliver to your house the next day. I was very skeptical and I thought it would be weird to shop for food online.
I can honestly say, that the website is so user friendly, that I immediately found every item on my grocery shopping list. You can search by name of product, brand, or price. I loved sorting by price and not having to look up and down aisles for the best deals. Then I thought I would miss those “in store sales”, but online they have a sale section as well! The last surprise about this website is that they even found a way to take coupons, so that you don’t feel like you are missing out, if you are one who uses them. You just hand the coupons to your driver and your account is credited for your next purchase.
The overall experience was great! I spent 20 minutes online and I was able to pick a delivery time that worked for me the next day. I didn’t have to spend time driving to the store, fighting over parking spots, waiting online and even carrying those bags. I was able to get my job of food shopping done, without the help of others since I didn’t feel well. I felt so independent and good about myself.
My driver was friendly and customer service was friendly too! I had to call with a question about my order and they were so helpful and nice. They even sent with my groceries a “new customer welcome pack” that had coupons towards my next 5 shopping trips.
I truly think this is a great service for anyone who deals with any chronic illness. I am upset I did not hear of it sooner. I also think it can help many other people who are not sick. For example, if I wanted to help my grandmother by ordering for her online- and having it delivered to her house. This service would also be great for a mother who is so busy with kids’ schedules etc, that having food delivered on a weekly basis, would help lighten her hectic schedule.
The best part is everyone who signs up and shops gets $10 off their first purchase. When I saw this deal- I figured it was worth a try! There is a very small delivery charge- but by the time you spend gas and your time, especially with the $10 discount- I figured it was definitely worth it to try something new. I would highly recommended this website. I have used it once and I am hooked. I have pushed my last shopping cart, I will never go out to the grocery store again!

update: Try code BLOGPOST20 for $20 off your order. No expiration.

For those of you who follow a strict diet like Gluten-Free or Peanut-Free or Low Sodium, there is a feature called the MyNutraFilter at the top of the screen. It allows you to select a filter so that when you shop for let’s say, soup or cereal, the foods that fall under the filter will appear first above other options. That way, you don’t have to scroll through a bunch of foods that don’t work for you.

Peapod is mostly in the NorthEast US, but as I researched I found that many stores provide this service and their are other online delivery services online that might be in your area.
Review written by Christine Miserandino,

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  • Deb. Thurston OCDS

    Save your “spoons” and let someone else do your grocery shopping for you! When I moved to the center city and donated my car to charity, I decided to give a try based on Christine’s review. I was not disappointed! If I would gladly pay a friend to do my shopping, why not pay the pros? Peapod has great private label brands, and they carry nearly all the major store brands, as well. Every week, they have fantastic specials, often better than what you’d find in your in your local grocery. My delivery guys are very reliable, and my experiences with Peapod customer service have been first class (I’m tough to please). Downside: you’ll find yourself inundated with Peapod plastic sacks of varying shapes and sizes; prepare to think creatively for ways to repurpose their 3 sizes of sacks. And, their website is the Disneyland of online grocery shopping, so I always have to hold the line on that urge to buy, buy, buy when my plan was to order just the basics. Thank heaven for their virtual checkout receipt that adds up in the right column of your screen with every item you select, so it’s easy to watch the bottom – or top – line. Protip: there’s no standard gratuity for your driver, so if he’s good, don’t be stingy. That’s back-breaking work. My average tip is $8… PEAPOD saved my sanity and my “spoons”!!

  • cherie 444

    just recvd my first Peapod order and it was PERFECT

  • Smarkest Arelieous

    Completely not true that someone said they take bad produce to get rid of stuff they can’t sell in stores. Literally the dumbest comment I’ve ever read, they deliver out of separate stand alone warehouses. If you once got bad produce its because PEOPLE work there, 2 of my close friends are shoppers for them, and you know people sometimes make mistakes at work. Plus Ive always gotten full credit with no questions asked and they let me keep the product so how would it make sense they would always lose double money? I LOVE MY PEAPOD!!!!!!!!

  • saraswathi

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  • maryke35

    Like many leaving replys here, I too, have had over the top, horrible experiences with peapod delivery. Great concept and what a great service that could be a true money maker for this corporation. I have received moldy ( refrigerated) veggie patties, expired baby carrots, moldy , bruised, gouged fruit. Items are never what you would choose for your family, nor what I guarantee pickers would choose for themselves. Items always missing from order. What a racket! Great way for management to unload the items shoppers refuse to buy in their stores means improving their bottom line. Foolish business in the end as they are only shooting themselves in the foot. My local market will be delivering my food from now on…giving me credit for items I ordered and needed for the week, every week, just doesn’t do it anymore, North Smithfield, RI. Shame on you…anything for a buck.

  • Diana Kruse Rose

    I, too, am through with Peapod. I, too, am disabled. This time they sent me spoiled, stinky chicken. Gahhh.

    I’ve had bites taken out of sugar cookies from the bakery, which are ‘with’ sprinkles on the outside and ‘without’ inside, once got all broken pieces at the bottom. Deception, anyone? Have ordered two of something & gotten one, wrong flavors of items, sugar-free things when ordered regular, uneatable produce, and on and on.

    Put this together with the unbelievably high prices, and I say GOOD-BYE STOP & SHOP. I am very disheartened with the GREED of people!

  • rich

    DON’T DO IT!!
    Just received 1st order. No welcome package, no coupons, delivery man ran out, should have not have given him a tip when he showed up. Meat leaking on other items. My hole bread order and sauces missing. 7 items. Called Peapod asap and said they would credit it, had to go out to local Waulbaums same night and shop. Defeats the purpose. Some of missing items were for dinner. What a mess, never again.
    Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Experience!!!! Waited Home All Day For That S!!!

  • Marjieforest

    I have been using Peapod for 1 1/2 years. Only because I am disabled and cannot get out in my wheelchair without becoming exhausted. My ongoing complaints are that the produce they “handpick” is horrible 60% of the time They charge way too much for this to happen that often. My biggest, ongoing complaint is that too often, staples like bread are “out of stock!” I plan meals when I shop. When some everyday items are out of stock, which happens frequently, the whole order is messed up and I don’t have the meals I planned. I call each time and the customer service people are fine and give me a credit but that does not change the fact that I have been so inconvenienced and spent money on food that has to be eaten without bread or whatever else went along with the meal I planned. I ask them each week to substitute anything that is out of stock. They don’t. How can they be out of ALL bread?? I think it is lazyness at the warehouse and very poor management. Like most companies, they start making a huge profit, very high prices will do that, and start getting sloppy and too big for their britches. I will find another way to get groceries because I am done with Peapod and I’m going to make sure the CEO knows it.

  • Nowickelectric

    I called this company and their customer service from JAY that I got was RED CARPET. I was skeptical and grilled him. He didn’t rush me and ran me through every detail. Customer service is amazing!! I live in California. Food delivered from PEAPOD a few minutes ago to my friend in Manhattan NY for her birthday. She eats healthy and there were a lot of organic choices. What makes me do this review is the delivery guy, I couldn’t have paid an actor to do it that well. He was personable, said it was from Linda. Brought all the bags up first then said oh, here this is from her too and it was a bouquet of flowers I ordered. He was so happy in his job and it showed. She made her so happy and it was perfect. The grocery selection and online ordering is A++.

  • Dawndvs63

    my sick husband and i are out of food because they claim they rang a doorbell we dont have and now they want an additonal 50 dollars to deliver our grocery to senior citzen in this economy

  • Michael Kane

    Just got my first Pea pod delivery. When I pulled my carrots out, I noticed a mouse or rat had chewed through the bag and into two carrotts. I will never buy produce with peadpod again. Beware…better off picking it up myself.

  • Christine,

    Just an update from Peapod. I just placed an order with Peapod and tried to use the promo code BLOGSPOT20 that you have posted in the body of this article. That code is not valid anymore, it ended in March of 2009. You are supposed to get $20 off your order if you use that promo and it is not valid. Just wanted you to know about this, maybe edit your post. Thanks for your wonderful postings and you have helped so many people including me. Be well. Dottie 🙂

  • Ttiffany20191

    Peapod has been a lifesaver for me. I live alone and do not have a huge supportive family so taking care of my basic needs I have had to become creative. Anyway their site is very user friendly. You can shop by item or browse through aisles. There are a few things they do not have exact brands on like Hummus so you go with what they have. They are priced a little high but still worth it to use them. The only problem I have had is the delivery showing up hours late. Once when some food was open they replaced it no questions asked. I do recommend them!

  • *and a little added bonus is that if you shop through amazon through a link on this site you help earn us a small affiliate percentage of your sale (and you do nothing additional nor pay any different) and that small bit helps keep the awesome place it is! 🙂

  • Kaitey

    I live in a rural area in the Southwest United States where even Safeway does not deliver–however, much of my “grocery” shopping–dry goods, canned goods, paper products, cleaning products, pet food….basically everything except fresh dairy, eggs, meat, fruit and vegetables can be purchased through, and many items are available for an autoship program which will automatically deliver on a regular schedule (once a month, every three months, whatever) AND you get a discount for enrollment in the autoship program. In fact, I do almost all my shopping online, much of it through Amazon. A trip to the store is incredibly physically draining for me, so I find this service invaluable.

  • Michelle

    I find some of the prices on Peapod a little higher than many stores, but they do have weekly specials, etc. It is worth it though when you’re not up to shopping, or for me the worst part is carrying it all in. Even with my granny cart, it seems like such a big job sometimes. One of my concerns was with produce. I’m VERY picky when it comes to the fresh fruits and veggies. I have to say everything I ordered in the produce category was beautiful and fresh. I would also order the heavy stuff like cases of water, etc. Those were so hard for mr to lift before my hip surgeries. I haven’t used them in a while, but I will If I need to in the future. It is a good service and it helps us save our energy. You can’t really put a price on that.

  • Annette

    Giant will deliver too and I think Harris Teeter has an option where you place your order online, drive up and they load it in car. I have used Peapod for years and LOVE it. I have RA and I dread grocery shopping almost more than anything else. They leave a note if they swap something (if you agree that’s ok) and if you ever have a problem, they will send a driver back out or credit your next order. And I agree that their customer service people, including the drivers, are just so nice. It is definitely worth the small delivery fee.

  • mo

    I have always been tempted to try Peapod, but was afraid that it would cost more money than going to the store and looking for specials. I’m going to check it out for sure now.

  • delivers in the west. used to, but they’ve closed the store in my area, so I don’t know if they still do.

    On a regular basis, has free delivery with a $150 order. After I’ve ordered the stuff I need, I add things that won’t go bad — paper goods, detergent, kitty litter, more canned goods — to hit that $150.

  • Dottie Balin

    I have used Peapod for over 2 years now. Not every week, but when I feel I can’t handle the stores, lines, weather etc. due to my health issues. They are terrific. Never had a problem with them. The produce they pick for your order is the best pick of the day. Everything is packed well and they even can send you stamps so you don’t even need to go to the post office. Peapod is a good thing for us “spoonies.” Thanks for sharing this info. 🙂

  • Diane

    I have been using Peapod for several years now and can’t say enough good things about it. The customer service is always very helpful. The drivers are always so helpful and nice. As a matter of fact, a few years ago when my husband was still alive we ran into a very nice driver. They were out of stock on an item my husband really wanted. The weather was bad and we had no one to call to help us in looking for that item. That driver must have realized that with both of us disabled we had no way of getting out. He went around looking for us to see if he could find that item. We were amazed.
    I am always telling people how good Peapod is and how happy I have been with the service. Sometimes I get someone asking me about the freshness of the food, and don’t we get the old stuff. They are always surprised when I tell them how fresh the food is, and nowhere near the expiration date.

  • mer

    We have peapod, but prices are inflated. So, we use Shoprite and my husband picks it up after i place the order.

  • Shari Schindel

    I LOVE Peapod!! Grocery shopping has always been difficult with my POTS symptoms and this past year I have been homebound a lot. Peapod has been a God-send! The website IS so easy to use and the fee they charge is so small I don’t even know how they make money. I have never had a problem with them. A couple of times they might have been out of somethng I wanted, and they tried to replace it with a comparable item. If I didn’t want that iten, they took it back and credited my account. I always tip the drivers bc they are so nice and bring the groceries right to my kitchen counter!

  • Kelly

    My area doesn’t have Peapod or a grocer that will deliver. The only affordable grocery store is a 20 minute drive away. Hopefully we’ll see Peapod in our area within the next few years. Great review, thanks for all the information!

  • Bianca

    Yvette downunder, I wish it was in most places here in australia. In the southern states it is available in some regional areas but here in regional QLD, no online shopping for me. I did use it when i lived in Brisbane and it was a lifesaver.

  • Here in Australia (or my part at least!) the major supermarket chains have offered online shopping for many years now. I shop once a month, usually in bed in my jammies! Another provider delivers our fruit and veg, meat, bread and milk on standing orders over three days each week. I can adjust my order for them anytime online.

    Now I only go shopping because I want to check out new things or spend time choosing produce at farmers markets or browse my health food store.

    I am amazed that this isn’t common practice in the US! It is available in most of Australia, even some quite remote places.

    It means my spoons can be used to eat food, not buy it! And my 20yo son especially enjoys 😉 putting it all away for me!

  • That sounds like it’d be incredibly useful. I don’t do the food shopping here but if I were living alone that would be a great help. It would become essential.
    When I lived in Westchester NY there was one small grocer who did deliveries, I would choose what I wanted on their circular and phone it in. The guy was kind enough to bring the groceries inside for me and it was why I survived as long as I did.

  • Dorothy Hanussak

    In my area of New Jersey they don’t have Peapod. They do have Shop Rite which delivers. You go online and pick out your food same as Peapod. I discovered this 3 years ago and have never gone food shopping again. It costs $20.90 to deliver, but when you think I do not have to use painpills for a week after I shop (as I was doing when I shopped), it works out nicely money wise :))

  • Pamela

    I LOVED peapod when I lived in chicago and can second all of the pluses you site. Living in NJ now and there’s no peapod in my area but there is Fresh Direct which is a little more expensive but great in a pinch. I would say too that our local pathmark has a service where you can shop online, go to the store, park in a preferred spot, call and someone will bring your groceries to you. I would strongly urge anyone struggling with basic survival like this to talk to your supermarket manager about arranging something to make you experience easier. I think they want you to shop at their store however it’s possible in this economy!