Product Review of 32 oz Wide Mouth Nalgene Water Bottle


It’s hard enough to get the recommended 8 cups of water a day without adding brain fog into the equation. This Nalgene water bottle is the perfect way to keep track of your liquid intake, and it’s ideal for travel, so you can take it in the car or to work with you. Two Nalgenes full of water a day equals 8 cups, and I have found it much easier to keep track of my water consumption this way.

These Nalgenes have wide mouths that easily accommodate ice cubes, and are made of a very hard polycarbonate that washes easily and doesn’t retain odors. They are dishwasher safe, but also take little effort to clean by hand due to the wide mouth. Nalgenes are extremely durable, and can take many hard falls without cracking or breaking. When accompanied by the Easy Sipper top, they are easy to drink from, and the screw on top is safely attached to the neck of the bottle so that you never loose the cap. Once screwed firmly on, the cap creates a complete seal and won’t leak. Plus, the fluid level is marked off on the side of the bottle, to help you keep track of liquid consumption.
Nalgenes are not only useful for athletic activities; they are also great for any cold drink, anytime. We use our Nalgenes around the house for water or ice tea, and take them with us on walks and bike rides. Having the screw top not only keeps our cats out of our water, it also guards against spills, which are all too common in a household full of spaced out people with fumble fingers. The Easy Sipper tops are much more practical and comfortable than the traditionally small drink holes in other water bottles, and also easily fit a straw should that be required.
We have had our Nalgenes for over three years now and they are still as good as new. With only a few small scratches here and there, they still wash clean and smell fresh, and have never cracked or broken though we have dropped them many times. I have absolutely no complaint with mine, and intend to have this one or another one for the rest of my life.
At only $8.95 US ($1.99 for the easy sipper), they are incredibly affordable and a great deal. They come in 12 different colours, which means that you can get one for every member of the family, without mix-ups or confusion. And if you still have trouble keeping track of your daily 8 cups of water, you can always buy two Nalgenes, fill them up in the morning, and drink both before bedtime.
Sarah Jane Marshall,, © 2007