Product Review: Ice Packs


This is one of those little things that you find and it turns out to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. My boyfriend and I were out grocery shopping and as usual I started getting neck pain and the muscles in my neck were swollen again. So my boyfriend suggested buying an ice pack, since all I usually used were ice cubes in a zip lock baggie, wrapped in a towel, which was often messy as they melted.

So he went in search at the grocery store for an ice pack. He ended up buying me this lunch bag ice pack, the kind you put in the bottom of your lunch bag to keep the food cold.
It’s not too big and it’s a perfect size for my head and neck. It’s about the size of my hand and wrist. The great thing is, it came in a pack of two for $2.99, so while I use one the other stays frozen and once I’m finished with one I can pop that back in the freezer and grab the other one. Now these were meant for lunch bags, but they have been a lifesaver for me. It fits perfectly on my head for when I have bad headaches and on my neck for those swollen muscles. The best thing is that it’s got a non-toxic gel in the inside which doesn’t become watery and leaves no mess as it melts, and it freezes back again within an hour or two- it’s wonderful. I use it anytime and it’s small enough to take with me in the car if I need to, and no mess. It’s amazing how there could be more than one use for the simplest things in our everyday life. You can pick these up at any grocery store and often most people have this right in their own freezer. I wanted to buy a professional ice pack, which my parents have, but those can cost up to $20 a piece and are often too big and heavy, definitely not something you want sitting on top of your head while you have a headache. This works just as good if not better, is so light weight, and much cheaper for two packs. Not too long ago I hurt my knee just walking down the stairs in our building and had to spend the next two weeks alternating between a heating pad and ice packs on my knees. These two ice packs were lifesavers. The fact that I had two was great- as soon as one was warm I just popped it in the freezer and got the other and they lasted for a good hour or two, staying frozen as I used it. So I recommend going to your local grocery store and picking up some lunch pack freezer gel packs, they may come in handy for more than just keeping your lunch cold.
Written by Stefanie Leale © 2006