Product Review: Homedics Spot Massager


My mom received two of these massagers for Christmas, and they are impressive. The dome shape is specifically designed for feet, but my mom discovered during the Christmas aftermath that the “spot” massaging aspect of its title is also appropriate, too! Any achy spot is a great place to put these little massagers. For just $9.99 it is worth a try.

Here’s how they work. They are rounded, with soft rubber tines all over them. Battery-operated, they vibrate quite vehemently. I used them on my feet and the tingles could be felt all the way up to my neck, as well as by my family across the room, as the vibrations were sent across the floor. Now, I know that may sound strong, but it really is a rather gentle vibration, but enough to actually get the circulation flowing. To me, these vibrations felt soothing rather than painful, which is something I have had difficulty with in other (i.e. wooden) massagers. Yet, the gadget does the work for you since all you have to do is place it where you are experiencing your pain.
My dad always teases us about my mom’s and my sensitivity to touch, by adjusting the words to “The knee bone’s connected to the…_____” and fills in a funny and obviously not adjunct part of the body. Well, as that comedic rendition goes, “my hip bone is connected to my ankle bone”—accentuated even more since delivering my son 15 months ago. I have severe pain in my feet in some of the weirdest places. These massagers were the first treatment that actually helped relieve the swelling and pain a little bit, even amidst the infamously fatiguing time of Christmas! I went home that night and was in awe that I didn’t have to completely keep an eye out for how I turned each bone in my foot, as I laid in my bed at night (the pressure of a sheet is enough to send acute pains). Therefore, I knew I had to share this little invention with others.
Induce some muscle/joint pain relief
Inexpensive (but often sold individually)
Gentle, but strong vibrations
Increases circulation
Small enough to fit on any body location
Battery operated
Quiet, but vibrating noise scares 15 month olds!
Just a temporary form of relief, but what can you expect?

*Obviously, these massagers are not a cure-all, but what a nice little, temporary, source of relief!
Article written by Carrie Burns, © 2008