Product Review: Hermann Miller Aeron ergonomic chair


The Hermann Miller Aeron is the ultimate ergonomic office chair, chosen by the best employee friendly companies. Instead of a solid seat and chair back, there are instead fiber mesh fabrics that are breathable and form-fitting. It distributes your weight evenly and minimizes pressure. The chair has a high and wide contoured back, designed to take pressure off the lower spine and a waterfall front edge to reduce pressure under the thighs. The chair is fully adjustable (specific adjustments vary according to chair model): seat height; seat tilt, so you can have a chair that moves smoothly with you as you want it to, allowing for correct support in all positions; tilt tension, so the chair will move as easily as you want it to; tilt limiter; extra lumbar and posture supports; and arm height and angle, so that whether you are working directly in front of you or reaching to the side, your arm can be supported. It even comes in 3 sizes, so that whether you are tiny or large there is one to fit you.

As well as Fibromyalgia, I have Lumbar Lordosis, which means I am only without back pain when my back is perfectly supported, usually only when I’m floating in a pool. This chair supports me so perfectly it provides instant relief, something no other chair has ever done.
The Aeron retails at about £600/$1000 which is far too expensive for most Spoonies, but we got ours for about £300 on eBay and it is a fantastic value. You could easily spend £150 on a decent, but essentially basic office chair from a regular store that wouldn’t be good enough and that you would replace a lot earlier. Why not try to find a second-hand Aeron and be really comfortable? If you do want to buy a new one, maybe this would make a nice birthday or Christmas/ Holiday gift. The best gifts are those that help us feel better.
© 2007 by Lindsey Middlemiss,
Hermann Miller Aeron ergonomic chair