Product Review: Herbal Contour Neck Wrap – Fits just right!


Since much of my muscle pain is in the neck area, I was excited to try this neck wrap. It is filled with 12 different, all natural ingredients and smells wonderful.

Please note it does have a strong scent- especially when heated, so if you are allergic to certain scents- I would not recommend this product. I found the scent relaxing and I was glad I used it before bedtime. I heated the neck wrap in the microwave for about 2 minutes, but it can be used as a cold wrap when placed in your freezer for about 2 hours.
I liked the fact that this neck wrap was designed specifically to fit the contours of the neck, The Herbal Contour Neck Wrap stays in place while walking, standing or sitting. I was able to sit up and read a book and I didn’t have to fidget with it. It sat in place and offered soothing relief. I was even able to get up and walk around to do light errands in the house, without the product falling off. The material the wrap is made of is soft and felt great against my skin.
I have tried other similar products to this one, but I must say that the natural aromatherapy was obviously stronger with this product. I think this is also great for traveling and really is a terrific smelling pillow, which supports and cradles your neck, even when not heated or cooled. This neck wrap is a quality product that I would definitely recommend.
I found many different styles and colors of neck wraps, as well as the Herbal Contour Neck Wrap, at
Review written by: Christine Miserandino © 2005