Product Review: Glide Point Massage Tool – the small tool that gives a big massage


This small and handy massage tool was so easy to use that I picked it up and started right away. The big selling point of this device is the fact that the gliding rolling ball moves effortlessly across skin or clothes, giving a smooth massage without having to use messy oils, lotions or gels.

The ergonomically designed handle is very easy to hold and it is lightweight. It is small enough to put in a drawer and keep accessible at all times. I was able to massage my leg for a good amount of time and my hand wasn’t tired, as with many other massage tools I have tried. I felt it working right away, the ball hits wider locations well and you can use the smaller end to work out knots or tight spots in the muscles. If you know acupressure, you can use the ball shaped tip to massage deeper into pressure points.
Since I could not use this on my own back (where most of my sore muscles are) I asked a friend to help me test this product. The main thing I noticed is the immediate muscle tension relief and pleasure and he reported that he really wasn’t working that hard. When asked, he said it was easy to use and it didn’t need to be pushed hard or require much effort.
I would recommend this tool for anyone who wants to try a new massage tool which is easy to use. I think this might be more of a gift for the caregiver than the patient, as it seems the caregiver has to work so hard with many other massage tools or even their own hands. This provided a wonderful deep massage without being a pain in the hands!
I found many great massage products as well as the glide point tool at
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  • Thanks for sharing this information, sounds like a great massager..