Product Review: Entertaining is made Easy with stylish products from


I love entertaining and having people over for dinner parties, but I just don’t like to ask for help. I want to be a good hostess and feel like I have everything under control. Recently, I found some great items from that helped me with my summer parties. Once I started shopping, I couldn’t help myself. So many of these items are useful, but are also well made and very stylish. That combination is usually hard to find.

In the kitchen:
The Stainless Steel Cookbook Holder is gorgeous. I feel like I should be on TV with my own cooking show when I use it. It is sturdy and holds even the heaviest book. I love the look of the stainless steel and I also like the ease of use. The angle of the book is perfect for reading, as you are cooking and it is so much better then lying something on the counter and hurting your neck.
The Stainless Steel Spoon Rest is adorable. Well we all know about my love of spoons, but this spoon just had to be bought. I have never seen an upright spoon rest before. It makes it less messy, less clean up, and easier to use as I am bouncing around the kitchen.
To continue my new found love of stainless steel, I tried the Stainless Steel cheese grip. This product saved my fingers! It made cutting cheese so much easier for me as the hostess, and so much more sanitary for my guests to cut a piece for themselves. No one had to touch the food, and everything looked pretty at the same time.
The Automatic Pepper Pro Pepper Mill is a nice addition to any table. With the steel accents and the cool one button feature, it really is a great little gadget. You will forget how to shake pepper and learn to push a button. Even though at first this might not seem like something you would buy yourself, I guarantee as a gift, the recipient will be happy. Just be careful you might get jealous and want your own!
These products show that you can find great “disability friendly” products anywhere- you sometimes just need to think outside the box. Any day is a good day to shop! Why not treat yourself to one of these products today!
Happy Cooking!
Article written by: Christine Miserandino, © 2006