Product Review: Black and Decker Handy Chopper


One of my all time favorite finds in kitchen gadgets has been the Black and Decker HandyChopper. I have terrible arthritis in my hands so chopping, dicing, and slicing are extremely difficult. I purchased this product and fell in love. I use it to chop chicken for all types of dishes as well as; onions, bell peppers, and all kinds of veggies. It has made my life so much easier because most of my dishes require this kind of precision. I can think of millions of things to make with it.

So if you are like me and have problems with your hands or wrists then this is definitely a gadget for you. It takes away the pain that is caused from using a knife and trying to muster the strength to press down for slicing
and dicing.
For all the benefits it provides, it is well worth the money. I paid about $15 for mine and it has truly been a lifesaver for me.
Submitted by: Stefanie Mullins,, © 2008

  • Carol

    Hi, I’m confused. I live in England I think we would call this a food processor.
    I’ve been looking for something that dices too due to my arthritis.
    I’m going to see if we have something similar here.

  • Rob

    I’ve also been having trouble with arthritis in my hands limiting what I am able to do, but…..I began drinking a glass of pineapple juice every day (for a quite different reason.) I later read on the Web that doing so can make arthritis pain disappear, & I suddenly realised : I had not had the pain for a wee while! I have continued with the pineapple juice, & have continued to be pain-free. Apparently it is due to the bromelain which is in pineapples; it is certainly worth a go & cheaper than taking pills. (I had been advised to take Glucosamine with Chondroitin, but had a terrible reaction to it – apparently because of it being sourced from shellfish.)
    NB I have found if I use Pineapple & Mango, or Tropical, or some other combination of juices, I do get a reminder of the pain, so it looks like it needs to be 100% Pineapple to work.