Product Review: Automatic Lotion Dispenser


We always hear from doctor’s that the best defense against germs is to frequently wash our hands. This new gadget makes washing your hands fun and easy. Your kids will love it too!

Whenever I went to restaurants, orout in public restrooms, I always got a “kick” out of the automatic soap dispensers. Well this “hands free” automatic soap dispenser takes that convenience to your home. It is compact, and uses batteries (4 “AA” not included) so you do not have to worry about using up another electrical outlet. A low-battery indicator lets you know when it’s almost time to replace the batteries. It fit nicely on my counter top and I started using it right away. Set up took two minutes. Just fill it with any liquid soap or lotion, and every time you wave your hand underneath the spout, it will dispense a small amount of lotion or soap. There’s no mess, no clean-up and no germs.

I used it for soap. My hands have bad arthritis in them and I always find it hard to push down on the soap dispenser while maneuvering the water in the sink. It is small gadgets like this that can make simple tasks that much easier. I’ve found myself washing my hands much more often since I’ve had this.
I got such a kick out of using it that I can only imagine that kids would love using this too!
This item is also good for dispensing anti-bacterial soaps, shampoo, conditioner, suntan lotion, hand lotion, massage oil, and even condiments. I can see how this can easily fit into many areas in your home, not just the bathroom or kitchen. I already want to get another one for lotion to use in my bedroom.
If you are looking for a gift to get someone, this is the perfect gift for the person who “has everything”, whether you have hand coordination and pain issues or not. I think anyone would enjoy this gift.
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