Product Review: ABC Baby Carrier Mei Tai Carrier


As a single mom of a 2 1/2 year old, I find it difficult to always pick up my child when he can’t walk anymore, or to tote an umbrella stroller around with me through crowded places, like a farmer’s markets, where I need to keep an eye on him. Further more, I like to have him close by, so what is a mommy in pain to do??? I have a simple solution for you- ABC Carrier.

That is to say an Asian-Baby Carrier, also known as a Mei Tai carrier. I’ve been using one for over a year now and it’s great!!! It takes a few tries to really get proficient tying it, but once you get it, it’s a breeze to use! You simply tie the straps around your waist, put the baby against you, pull the fabric panel up over them, pulling the other straps up over your shoulders, across on the other side of you, depending on how you wear it, and then bring the straps around to tie under their butt over the fabric. The baby sits up where they can see you and everything around them
and it doesn’t squish them into funky positions like some slings can. (If you need help learning to tie one, there is a tutorial page on the website with pictures.)
The brand I had tried was MeiTai Baby. ( They have the CUTEST fabrics and the best customer service you could wish for. The prices are even great and Elisabeth, the owner, just came out with a new
type that allows you to change out the fabric panels so you can be in style no matter where or what you are doing! Use a satin print for parties and a nice batik print for the marketplace! Her fabrics are always changing and growing, so it’s fun to keep checking back on her site for new ones. You can get everything from camouflage to lovely vintage floral prints, so there really is something for everyone and every outing. The truth is this carrier is so versatile and beautiful all your friends will be asking how to get one, too!!!
I know what you are thinking: How comfortable is it for the momma? EXTREMELY! My little butterball is just over 42 lbs and I can wear him for hours in that thing on flare days. You can even use it from the first day you bring your baby home. I take it with me everywhere and use it all the time. The best part is it leaves me free to still use my fore-arm crutches and it distributes his weight so evenly it won’t stress out my hip joints any worse then my own frame does naturally. The MeiTai comes with a great pouch it folds into, so it’s convenient to slip in backpacks or diaper bags. Now they even started to come with a toy ring to attach your favorite toys to, for no extra charge! I keep one in my car for use no matter where I end up. The truth is, with this carrier, you aren’t giving up anything for your
comfort and ease, you are actually trading up for once! (Don’t we give up enough to get through our day?) It’s the perfect balance, both in form and function.
It’s also a great thought to know that for centuries this design has been used in Asia, so it’s almost like using a piece of history. I order the Asian prints mostly, because I think the connection is an important one to make. It helps to remind me that even in the hectic life of a single mother, going through everything from divorce, to toddler tantrums, to bad flares on a daily basis- I can use the wisdom of those before me and remember to take a few Zen moments out of my everyday to just keep on moving through it all one step at a time, with my baby on my back in my absolutely -perfect- Asian Baby Carrier from MeiTai Baby.
Article submitted by: Jennifer Altherr,, © 2006