Product Review: The FURminator Pet Deshedding Tool


Anybody with a pet that has fur, knows it gets everywhere. No sooner do you finish brushing Fido or Fluffy, you turn around and the house is full of hair again! It’s a never ending battle to try to control it.
There are a million products on the market that are designed to cut down on the hair that your pets shed, and I have tried most of them. There are brushes, gloves, combs and shampoos, but nothing seems to work for long.
I heard a few people talking about the FURminator, and I researched it on the web. It’s a strange looking comb, so how can a comb that looks like half a set of hair clippers work??? Well I don’t care how it works, it does, and it works well!

I have two German Shepherds, and anyone who knows anything about the breed knows that they are nicknamed the German Shedder! They constantly shed hair, then when the seasons change and you blow their coats it seems like you have a mountain of hair every day. My friend Diana already had a FURminator and she offered to let me try hers. I was totally in awe the first time I used it. I expected hair, I expected a lot of hair, but it was amazing. I think I left a German Shepherd puppy in the park when we had finished brushing.
How the FURminator works is by taking out all the under hair, it leaves the top coat practically untouched, but it pulls all the loose under hair out. When you see this tool in action, I guarantee you will be shocked! Just at the sheer amount of unwanted hair this pulls out, hair that would normally be all over your floors, carpets, clothes and furniture! You make several short strokes with the tool at a 90 degree angle on your pet, and after 4 or 5 strokes, the tool will be full. You can brush your pet for an hour and you will STILL have hair coming out!
You can get them from and you can see it in action there too- there are several videos, showing it at work. Personally I got mine from EBay, I got the medium sized one and ended up paying $32 ( that includes the shipping and taxes too.) As far as my pets go, both my dogs and my cats love it. I get a frenzy every time I get it out of the closet.
Definitely a good buy if you want to treat yourself and save your sanity.

Article written by Wendy Jones, © 2008

  • Brenda Kreger

    After reading this article I went onto Amazon and bought it. I received it yeaterday and I am so happy that I bought it. We have a yellow lab and he sheds all over the place. As soon as we received it I brushed him. Not only did I love it but he loved it all well. I got so much loose hair off of him his coat gleams and is so soft. It is so nice to pet him now and now get a hand full of hair. I would recommend this to anyone who would listen. Thank you so much for the referral of the product, you were so right.

  • Jenn A.

    Wow! I have a half Golden and Half Chow dog that NEVER stops shedding no matter the season.. to the point of utter absuridity! I will have to try this!!! Thanks!

  • Michelle Jadaa

    I agree this one really works and definatly save at least half price by getting it on ebay.Now if i could actually get someone to brush the dog LOL.

  • I have a Furminator knockoff that I picked up at PetSmart and it works GREAT, too! but it was about half that price. My cat doesn’t like it – but he doesn’t like being groomed in any way, so it’s a battle. But when we are done -it’s like you say – I have a second cat lying on the floor!! And he looks just the same! Wow! When my woof gets here, (I’m waiting for a service dog), I will be using the tool fer shure!!

  • Caroline Witte

    I bought one of these about 6 months ago for my cat Nik-Nik. She is a long-haired Siamese mix, and sheds, especially during the summer, to the point you would swear you could make a whole other cat from her fur. This works so well, but I sure wish I could have found it at this price, I paid full retail…ouch!!!