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I have taken thousands of pictures of my daughter during her first few months. Some pictures end up in nice silver or gold frames, others may go in a novelty “I love my Daddy” frame, and some end up stacked in a photo album, or in a folder on my computer.

I had been looking for something special for one photo in particular. As I stared at a digital photo of my eight month old daughter, taken just as she successfully “clapped hands” for the first time, I racked my brain trying to think of which frame would do this picture justice. I drew a blank, so I opened my web browser and searched for something along the lines of “custom photo”, figuring that I will either strike gold, or at the worst, kill some time looking at random websites. That is when I stumbled across, a site that claimed to “allow users to create art from photos.”
I was intrigued by the idea, so I registered with, and got ready to upload my picture. The process was simple – pick your artwork style, download the application if you haven’t already (automatic, and just a few clicks to accept), and start uploading photos. For those of you who use other online photo services, like albums and galleries, you will find this to be very easy to use. For others, there are instructions as well as helpful tips as you go through the upload and design process. even offers you the option of viewing how your artwork would look against a wall color of your choice.
Within a few minutes I had found exactly what I wanted – a watercolor representation of my photograph printed on canvas, stretched and mounted to a 12×12” frame! The preview looked great, and although a mounted canvas print was more expensive than a poster print, I knew this was the effect I was looking for, and that this piece of art would be priceless. I placed my order expecting the process to take some time before I actually had the print in hand. To my surprise, within a few short days, I had a beautiful canvas watercolor of my daughter hanging in my hallway! I could not be happier with the quality of the print, and the wonderful “what you see is what you get” preview system that uses on their site.
I will definitely use them again, and recommend to anyone looking for a fun, convenient, and creative way to display a special photograph, or searching for a unique gift for a family member or friend. Registration is easy and previews are free, so you can “Start Fiddling” right now, and see how can turn your photographs into true works of art.
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Article written by Frank Donato, © 2008