ButYouDontLookSick.com Gift Guide: 2 Health Themed Jewelry Companies that I Love


“Get Better Get Well Gifts” at ButYouDontLookSick.com! Let us help you find that perfect gift! What woman doesn’t love jewelry? All of us like a little treat now and then- something sparkly that we might not normally buy ourselves will always make someone smile. The jewelry I found listed below are extra special because they are geared towards health related issues or disease specific awareness. Here are two stores that were new to me, and now quickly became favorites!

1. Alef Bet by Paula is a unique jewelry line. The necklaces, bracelets and charms use Judaic symbols and minimalist style. All of Alef Bet’s jewelry selections are made from sterling silver and 14k or 18k gold. One of my favorites was the red bendel bracelet. The red color is supposed to protect the wearer from harm and appease evil spirits. I don’t know if it can really do all that, but it is really cute and it can’t hurt to feel protected. The mother/ daughter team behind these designs makes quality jewelry that are so different and unique, everyone will ask you where you found them. They have plenty of designs with a health, or good wishes theme. Each piece arrives in its own little pouch, perfect for easy gift giving. You can get yours at: alefbet.com
2. Elisa Ilana has a gorgeous collection of fine jewelry, but what interested me most was their extensive line of fine quality “awareness jewelry”. Many times you want to show support for a specific disease, but want something dressier then a rubber awareness bracelet, or a small ribbon pin. The pieces in this collection are made with the highest quality Swarovski crystal, sterling silver and 14 karat filled gold balls. They have been featured in some of the latest magazines like Lucky, Vogue, and InStyle. Dress like the celebrities and show your support for the organizations close to your heart by wearing some of Elisa Ilana’s earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. They have awareness jewelry for the following: ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Breast Cancer Awareness, JDRF And Diabetes Awareness, Liz’s Legacy, General Cancer Awareness, American Heart Association, Specific Cancer Awareness, Diversity Jewelry, Troop Awareness, A.I.D.S Awareness, Awareness Anklets, Men’s Awareness. I hope that their awareness jewelry line will continue to grow to include other diseases like what I live with: Lupus. The packaging of the jewelry was beautiful and perfect for gift giving. It says on the website that a portion of the proceeds helps fund research and awareness for the related cause. They have many styles to choose from, check out their site today for that very special gift to show support and awareness.
If you go to www.elisailana.com to shop, use the coupon code VIPME to receive a FREE matching pair of earrings when you purchase $100 or more!
Article written by Christine Donato, © 2008 butyoudontlooksick.com

  • Rafaela

    I was very unhappy with my Alef Bet purchase! I ordered a Chai Cube necklace, and the chai is filled in with pen, which wasn’t kept inside the lines! one of the four sides was improperly filled in, and whoever did it couldn’t keep inside the lines, as I said, so there are pen scribbles all over the cube. I was VERY unhappy as it was NOT a cheap necklace. This company is very unsatisfactory. It looks like a two-year old took a pen to the necklace. I will not be buying from them again.

  • In all fairness, the company is now replacing the bracelet and 1/2 cost to me. But still, I think you should be aware of the issue when dealing with them.

  • I purchased 2 items from Alef Bet based on this article. They were both beautiful, but one was not what correct. I attempted to return it and they claimed when they got it the envelope was empty. They refused to refund my money or supply me with a new item. So, I was out the money and did not have a b-day gift for my sister. Beware this company!