“What is Lupus” Makes Google Top 10 List for 2008


I have lived with lupus for the last 16 years. I am now 31. For most of my life I have had people ask me “what lupus was?” I tried to explain as many of the readers of this site know with “The Spoon Theory”. But that just explains life, not necessarily lupus. I always figured people only asked what lupus was, when they knew someone with lupus. Well, maybe it is thanks to the television show House. Heck, maybe it is because more people now know me through butyoudontlooksick.com but apparently people are asking.

For the second year in a row, “What is lupus?” has made Google’s Top 10 list for “what is” searches on Google.com. Here is the list in its entirety. I was happy to see people “searching” for answers to what is life, or love. But I was shocked to see “what is lupus”. I was happy to see that lupus awareness was spreading enough for people to ask, but sad to know that without a cure, people will be asking this question for a long time.
What is…
1. what is love
2. what is life
3. what is java
4. what is sap
5. what is rss
6. what is scientology
7. what is autism
8. what is lupus
9. what is 3g
10. what is art
Source: Google Zeitgeist 2008
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For more information on what lupus is, please click here

  • Caf

    that is amazing!
    maybe House has helped in spreading the word about lupus…he’s always misdiagnosing people with it before finding out what’s really wrong 😛