Spoonie Scalp Help: Nioxin Scalp Recovery Soothing Serum


As a patient living with lupus, I must say that the various flavors of symptoms is often the hardest to cope with. Every month I experience something completely new that leaves my doctors gaping in disbelief as to whether  I’m making it all up.  As if!
The latest offender has been my scalp. Whenever I have a malar butterfly rash on my face it is usually accompanied by an  inflamed and itchy scalp which is sore and tender to touch. My doctor suggested steroidal creams, but upon hearing mixed reviews from other lupus patients I declined. I definitely did not want to add another prescribed medication with a new slew of side effects to my plate!
A lupus and spoonie sister of mine who suggested I try Nioxin Scalp Recovery products sent me a sample of Nioxin Soothing Serum. The serum is formulated with pyrithione zinc to battle the itch and green tea to soothe and moisturize the scalp. After scrubbing my hair and scalp with Neutrogena T-gel shampoo and conditioner. I apply the Nioxin Soothing Serum all over my scalp & rub it in. When I say the relief was instant, I mean zip zap zoom! It has a sort of cooling sensation that sets your scalp at ease. I use this daily when I’m flaring to keep my scalp irritation & inflammation contained. It seems to be the only thing that keeps me from ripping my scalp to the skull!
Battling an illness can be tough, and it’s even harder when you have kooky symptoms that just pop up out of nowhere! Here’s hoping this is one symptom you can nip in the bud and help your scalp/dermatitis woes!

 Article written by Staff Writer, Tiffany Marie Peterson

Tiffany Marie Peterson is a 25 year old New Yorker whose goal is to go from lupus to living! She was diagnosed with lupus in January 2010 but experienced symptoms for more than six years. Now that she finally has a name for her illness she’s determined to shine a light on the bright side of lupus. She spreads lupus awareness by writing for several websites including her own personal blog where she bares all on her journey with lupus. Her favorite motto “Knowledge is Power. www.hersilverlining.blogspot.com

  • mark a

    I’ve used the Nioxin system #1 but its was REALLY drying on my hair and scalp and that is NOT good for maintaining hair. I switched to the Shielo Volume Shampoo and for over 2 months and I am pretty sure it has helped thicken my hair. And Shielo doesnt dry it out like Nioxin.

    Can’t tell if the Shielo Shampoo has actually done anything for the growth itself, but the existing hair has definitely become considerably easier to work with and healthier looking.

  • Tiaw206

    Hi Tiffany, Thanks for the review of the serum I need it for my husband. About your lupus woes. I have an older friend who is a nurse suffering with Lupus. She has energy and is rarely symptomatic whenever I see her. She says a bioactive organic drink is helping keep her pain free and energetic. You and your friend may want to look into it. It is called MAX Thrive Adaptogenics by Morinda Bioactives. I was finally diagnosed with chronic adrenal fatigue and fibromyalgia back in March and I have been taking this Max and I have not had energy, or good sleep like this in 20 yrs. Not to mention my constant back, neck and leg pain are almost non existent. I think this is major and very important to share. We don’t have to suffer in silence. Lets share what we know and help others Thrive. I am so glad she shared this with me, I have my life back! I love it so much I became an IPC! You can email me for for the Max site info at [email protected]. God bless!

  • Jo Hall

    I live in England and I used to buy Nioxin Scalp Remedy every time I was over in the States. Unfortunately, we can still only get the regular Nioxin over here and that doesn’t do the trick at all. The Nioxin Scalp Remedy shampoo alone clears the itching and flaking but, all three products combined, were amazing. I have suffered with dry, flaky, itchy and burning scalp since I was young so over 40 years now and nothing, I repeat nothing has worked until Nioxin Scalp Remedy – the regular Nioxin has zero effect but this new one blew my mind from first use. I haven’t been able to get it in the UK and I haven’t been back to the US in over a year and I scratch my scalp til it bleeds. Even when washed it’s flaky and itchy and looks and feels disgusting, regardless of whether I use organic products or not. I am pretty broke but I am running the huge international shipping bill and ordering from Ebay just to get some relief! Anyone suffering from scalp sensitivity issues would benefit from this product, nothing (and I have used hundreds of them!) else touches the problem, it is amazing!

  • I got so much help with my dry scalp when I found an all-natural, plant based product that has essential oils like peppermint…it’s called AIHU. I decided to try going chemical-free since it was the chemicals that created my problems. AIHU shampoo and conditioner healed my scalp and feels great. Love it so much I decided to sell it!

  • I went out immediately looking for this product. Not available in this town but I did find the shampoo, conditioner and a leave in product. My scalp has been an issue since my teens, way before autoimmune problems. Even the prescription Nizoral didn’t help and left my hair looking really bad (sodium laurel sulfate is the 3rd ingredient, that causes scalp problems plus dead looking hair in itself). Love the Nioxin, one use and the perpetual itch, flakes & “sand” stuff is gone. Didn’t buy it to make my hair look fuller but it looks terrific. Ordered the serum from Amazon, $9.99 for less than an ounce, but the shipping was $6.99. The shampoo is available by the gallon, really good buy if you use it regularly. Thanks for the lead, as always, great job.

  • I have psoriasis in my scalp and nothing is helping. I tried dermarest, but doesn’t help. Anyone with Psoriasis out there?

  • I LOVE Nioxin! I use their shampoo and scalp treatment conditioner. Since my hair is often thinning or falling out, I just stay on it, expensive or not. I haven’t tried the serum yet. I’m going to run out and get some after reading this. My head has been soooo itchy lately and I don’t know why. I’ve never had this before. So, if this will help, I’m all for it!

  • Lynn Russell

    That’s so great! Thanks for sharing this with us – it really helps when we all share what works!

    I have badly thinning hair due to side effects of the medications I’m taking and I’ve found the Nioxin Hair Cleanser and Scalp Recovery products to work wonders! My hair not only looks fuller but feels fuller, too. This is a great brand to know of for those of us with hair or scalp problems due to either our illness or our meds. 🙂

  • Thanks for the tip! I mentioned this to some of my doctor’s too but they never gave me a solution. The rash seems to follow my hairline sometimes. Then if I rub my scalp there seems to be big scabs on it even if I haven’t itched. I’ll keep an eye peeled for this product.

  • Syler Womack

    I never get the butterfly rash, but the scalp thing is certainly familiar. It’s all bumpy and hurty and itchy, especially at the top of my neck.
    My daughter, who also has lupus and I were discussing that weird new symptom thing just last night. Always such a surprise. Whoopee. Why is there a bonfire behind my kneecap, for instance? Why do my arms feel like they dropped out of their sockets? My thumbs are killing me! Ah, well. Can’t wait to try the Nioxin. 😉

  • Lisa H

    As a stylist/salon owner I have used the Nioxin, but I also have good results with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree and Malibu Wellness and those two are a little cheaper than Nioxin.

  • Thanks for this! I had developed a sore scalp just in the past week, probably from Sjogren’s syndrome. And I pretty much always itch. Sometimes when my husband catches me scratching my head, I tell him I have fleas! LOL!

  • Rose (twitter name @RosaryBeadz)

    I have had an irritated scalp issue since I was a teenager. They did numerous tests but could never figure out what was causing it. Guess I may have a bit of a clue now though…anyways, I’ve tried every itch relieving product on the market, or so I thought! I’ve never heard of Nioxin Soothing Serum, but I certainly will be trying it! My scalp itches so badly the other night it started bleeding! Thanks so much for sharing this info!!

  • Miranda Rice

    If you go to the Click to Give sites, for hunger, breast cancer, veterans, etc. – and how about one for Lupus Research, I ask you! – they have some very pretty and many colors of a scarf/hat/head wrap that I was considering purchasing, because it helps the various causes, and they are very attractive! I tried to share the link to a previous conversation many of us spoonies were having on falling out hair on butyoudon’tlooksick’s FB page, but my technological skills failed me, and as a recent hair falling out in wads spoonie, I wanted to share this pretty thing with others. Just Google “Click To Give” Sites, and look in the shopping section of any cause. Spoons to you!

  • Nan J.

    The nioxin shampoo & conditioner, altho made for helping with hair loss, also feel very minty and soothing! I’ve been allergic to most shampoos for over 20 years now. The only other kind I can use regularly is Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo & conditioner; also minty. I haven’t tried the Nioxin serum; thanks for the tip!

  • Tracey

    Smart Solutions sells a line of shampoo called problem hair and scalp treatment that is very effective. I also really heavily on a product called Argon OIL some know it as Morracan OIL, argon oil is a purer form of the same product.

  • That’s wonderful!