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I always need to wear sun screen due to Lupus, so I try new ones whenever I find them. I found the website and found it very helpful for all different types of skincare, but especially for sunscreen and tinted sun protection.

They have quite a selection to choose from, all varying in price and protection levels. Each item has its own formula or specialty. Some promote the level of SPF, while others take care of your skin with vitamin E and antioxidants. It really depends on what you are looking for. The site owner, Mary, is very knowledgeable about skin care and it shows on her website.
I tried two of the many items found on the website. The first Sunscreen I tried was called Jack Nicklaus’ vs. the Sun rejuvenating formula, which has an SPF 30, and sells for $14.50 for a 4oz. bottle. This sun block is grease and
oil free, and turns to dry clear powder when applied. I really liked this product because when you need to wear sun block all the time, it is nice to not feel like you have layers of greasy lotion on, especially under make up. This is something you can wear all the time and feel comfortable. I felt it was a little expensive for the small bottle (especially if you are accustomed to buying a brand from your local pharmacy), but since I liked it so much better than any other I have tried, due to the non greasy feeling, I think I would splurge and get it as part of my daily routine.
I also used the Total Protector Color 30 Sun Block – MD formulations tinted sun block. I liked this product because not only does it give you SPF 30 protection, but it is tinted to give you a bit of color. All the fashion magazines have tan looking girls on the covers, but I can’t tan and I hate looking pasty, white and sickly. So this little bit of color really added something wonderful! I looked better and I could skip wearing foundation makeup, if I wanted to. This sells for $16.99 for a 2.5oz bottle. You only need to use a bit, and it goes a long way! I was very pleased with this product and plan on using it for my face most days.
I would recommended using this for any of your skincare needs, but especially for all the Sun Block options it has for sale.
Review written by Christine Miserandino,© 2005

  • Susan K

    REcommended to Skin911 by a friend. I bought the glycolic lotion and love it. As soon as I am through with it I am going to get the one with the higher percentage of glycolic. The owner was wonderful and even called after I e mailed her with skin problem concerns.