Product Review: Chefmate Easi-Twist


I just came across a product that I love so much, I took it to my hand therapist so she could recommend it to her other patients! I really struggle with opening jars sometimes – my hands hurt all the time, and they’re very small. Jar lids are a terrible obstacle for me!

Then I found the Chefmate Easi-Twist. It cost $6.99 at Target (though it’s only available in stores, not online). It’s amazing! It has several different size openings for jars – if one size doesn’t quite fit, you can flip it over for a half size down. The soft rubber inside grips the jar very well, and the handle closes nice and small so that even a child could grasp it! I think I end up using 1/3 to 1/4 of the gripping strength that I would have to use with my hands alone. Best of all, you don’t have to sit there and adjust it to tighten around the lid and then to release it like you do with others – this one just pops on and lets go with no effort at all.
I can finally open the jars my boyfriend closes too tight with this tool. Even on ‘bad hand’ days, I can still get into everything in my kitchen!
Review written by Gayle Zive, ©