Product Review:Warm Whiskers Heating Pads


There’s nothing cozier than snuggling up to a warm body on cold winter’s night. And that body doesn’t even have to be human. I recently discovered Warm Whiskers, a company that makes an array of stuffed animal-like products that you microwave for thirty seconds and then cuddle up to.

Here is my cat-wrap. I drape her around my neck. It feels like a warm, cashmere hug.

They come in many shapes for different purposes. There are stuffed bears to be your bed buddy, whole body wraps, even heatable slippers. They are filled with safe substances like buckwheat and flax seed, and scented with chamomile and lavender. They stay warm for about one hour. And they can be washed and fluffed dry with a hair dryer.
For those of us who find some relief from pain by applying heat to the site, these Warm Whiskers are a very cozy alternative to a heating pad.
To purchase one from their website click here.
Submitted by Barbara Kivowitz © 2008