Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas For People With Arthritis


These are my top ten gift ideas for people with arthritis, but let us remember the best gift anyone who is ill can hope to receive is a little comfort and a lot of understanding. Hope these ideas help when looking for that perfect gift!

10- Blanket! This is a great gift whether it’s electric or just a nice cozy warm fleece one, blankets make great gifts and can be fairly inexpensive to buy. Blankets are always appreciated, as those with arthritis would love anything warming.
9 – Heating pad: This is my favorite thing! On those chilly days you can cuddle up on your favorite chair with a blanket and your heating pad turned up! Nothing works better for those arthritic joints then a heating pad. This is always an appreciated gift.
8 – Comfort Massage Supreme – 5 motor Everyone can use one of these, as I haven’t met one person who would turn down a nice massage. However, for someone with arthritis it can make an exceptional gift, as we can all relate to stiff achy joints and kinks that need to be ironed out. So if you were looking for a great gift this Christmas a massager would be a great one to give or receive.
7 – Gift Card For Foot Care: As those with arthritis find themselves unable to care for themselves, as well as they once could, foot care is very important. Improper foot care can result in athlete’s foot, and other foot problems. A gift card for a pedicure can help keep the tootsies clean and healthy and is a wonderfully relaxing thing to have done. I mean who wouldn’t love being pampered for an hour? This is another gift that is always appreciated.
6 – Cleaning Service: Whether you looking into a cleaning company like Molly Maids or you just rally up a bunch of ladies to come up with a cleaning schedule, this makes a very good gift. One of the most daunting things to have to do, when you are ill and in pain, is to clean the house, so having someone come and do it for you even just once a week is a much appreciated gift. Another idea is to hire the cleaner instead of once a week, which could get expensive, have them come for a spring cleaning and then another time throughout the year before winter. I know for me cleaning is a big hassle and this would be a gift that would put a big smile on my face.
5 – Frozen Food Or Grocery Box: This isn’t a gift that you can just go out and buy, as it does require a little more work, but in the end it’s so worth it for the person receiving it. Someone with arthritis would tell you in a heartbeat that the worst chore on the list is cooking, especially dinner because by suppertime we are tired and achy from the day. So putting together a box of frozen foods that are easily thawed and warmed up is a great idea. Foods that freeze well and are quick include: casseroles, spaghetti sauce (then all they have to do is boil pasta), soups, and cakes or pies. Also another thing that is hard to get done, and right up there with cooking as a hassle, is shopping! Grocery shopping can be hard, painful and tiring, so next time you are at the grocery store consider putting together a box or plastic bin of groceries. Just buy non-perishables, as this can be a big help and then all they would have to purchase say for the week is the perishables like butter, eggs, and milk. You could include, canned goods, cookies, crackers, jams, bread, canned veggies and fruit etc… This is a unique and thoughtful, not to mention, practical Christmas gift and very appreciated.
4 – Cooking Utensils with Rubber comfort Grips: This is a great idea, as we mentioned cooking is a daunting task and if you have utensils that are easier to grip it helps with the pain in the end. Some hard metal spoons and tongs are difficult to hold and cause spasm pains throughout the hands for someone with arthritis, so these comfort grip utensils can really save a lot of wear and tear on the joints. It’s simple but a great idea for a gift!
3 – Slippers- This sounds simple and easy, but often those of us with arthritis need to keep our feet warm to prevent pain in the foot joints. A nice soft warm pair of slippers is always appreciated and at a reasonable cost. Also make sure there are good rubber grips on the bottom to keep the person from slipping.
2 – Book On CD: Often with arthritis it’s hard to read in bed or anywhere for that matter, as holding up heavy, or really any books, can be a struggle especially on those hard painful days. However, for someone who loves to read this can be very saddening. A great gift idea is a book on CD. These are wonderful because all they have to do is pop them in the CD player and sit back or even lie down and listen. Not having to hold up the books and not getting dizzy from reading is just a relaxing way to enjoy a good book.
1 – Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener
This is the number one gift idea for someone with arthritis! This is a revolutionary gadget that is wonderful! All you do is place the jar under the opener and POP it opens it, with no struggling and no aching muscles. Also another idea is an electric can opener, under the same idea this also prevents the struggle with the can openers. Anyone with aching joints would thank you for it!
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  • terra

    Another great gift idea is easy grip pens!

  • Saagaadaa

    Hi there!
    I can vouch for the jar openers! I got one for my birthday, and sent a friend out to buy two more, one for each of my sisters, both of whom have arthritis and fibromyalgia, like me!
    Great Suggestion!!
    Thanks, Saagaadaa