Top Ten Gift Ideas for a Crazy, Insane, Intense Running Friend


Running has been in my life for seven years now, and it has always been a release for me. When I was in full remission, I would always try go running again. When insurance companies tried to get the best of me, I would run it off for half an hour or if I was nervous about a future procedure, running a steep hill relaxed my nerves and calmed me down. I take running seriously, and it is much more than a simple recreational sport. That is why, this Christmas, I am offering you a list of the top ten things any crazy runner, such as myself, would hope to see under a Christmas tree. Happy Holidays!

1. A new pair of running shoes—take your friend to buy a new pair of overly priced running shoes. A decent pair does not come from Payless; go to a Foot Locker, or a store specifically for runners.
2. A digital watch—no one wears a nice Rolex while they run. Digital watches from a Sports Authority are made for athletics, and a digital watch is much easier to read at quick glance than an analog.
3. Bright colored sports bras—attention females! Neon green and bright orange are the new gray! Nothing says “Look at me, I’m a crazy runner!” than bright colored sports bras to wear on those hot summer runs.
4. Running shorts—if you are one of those people who loves tempo runs on the beach, then running shorts are your best bet. Many people find the idea of built in underwear odd, but there is a reason for them! The shorts are lightweight (to not add that extra pound to your run), and they fly up when you are panting towards the finish line. Built in underwear covers up what you don’t want seen.
5. “Sock Guy” socks—that’s right! There is actually a brand of sock called “Sock Guy”. They are the most comfortable athletic socks you will ever wear. Before big races in High School, my coach surprised us all with brand new, brightly colored, and painfully obvious “Sock Guy” socks. They are thin, let your feet breathe, and they save you from a world of blisters!

6. An arm band for your iPod—most of the world has an iPod by now, but not everyone has somewhere to put it. Running alone can be terribly lonely, especially with no music to keep you motivated. I feel naked if I run without my iPod attached to my arm, don’t you?

7. Long-sleeved shirts—I’m not talking Abercrombie or Hollister; I’m talking loose, breathable shirts from your local sports store. Everyone has those days where it’s too hot for a sweatshirt, but too cold for a short-sleeved shirt. It is on that day that you wear this shirt.
8. A really dorky runner movie—if you are anything like my teammates or myself, nothing gets your adrenaline going than watching a race between Prefontaine and Viren. Sure, I’ve seen the segment a million times over, but it still does a number on me every time.
9. A set of weights—runners do not strive to build huge muscles in their legs or their arms. However, what most amateur runners do not know is that arm muscles are just as important as leg muscles. A set of light weights can help your runner friend build muscle in their upper body, allowing more power when you pump your arms up that hill.
10. A sports bag—nothing has more compartments than a sports bag. You have a section for smelly old clothes, shoes, and water bottles. There are also smaller compartments for your iPod, power bars, and your “feminine products”. I never go anywhere without my Adidas bag. It has seen me through rain, shine, victory, and loss. And it smells AWFUL!
Well, there you have it. I am sure I am not the only avid athlete to read this, so feel free to laugh at my suggestions if they do not suit you. Everyone has that crazy friend who “runs for fun”, so hopefully now, you know how to satisfy their insanity. Happy Shopping!
Article written by: Caitlyn Pilkington ©