Gift Guide: Retail Therapy, Shopping for Bags, Pocketbooks, and More!


“Get Better Get Well Gifts” month at! Let us help you find that perfect gift!
When someone we know is sick, we sometimes feel like we have to give them flowers, chicken soup, or a heating pad. And although all of those are great items, sometimes it is the fun and “for no reason” presents that cheer us up
the most. When you and your girlfriends can’t get to the mall to shop, bring the shopping to them. Help treat them to something very special. When you are feeling low, sometimes you need a frivolous, fancy gift that you might never
get yourself. I love getting friends these kinds of gifts for the holidays, but especially when someone I love is sick. The fact is when people are going through cancer treatments, chronic illness or surgery, etc. they are thinking about their health and finances. Many times this leaves no room for “treats” like shopping. There is a reason why they call it “retail therapy”.
One of the most common things us women shop for is bags. Wearing and using something new makes you feel good. So spread the love and shop for your friends who can’t get out shopping. Here are my 3 latest suggestions for
pocket books, bags and accessories.

1. Luggage Tags from My Charmed Life – If you have to have an extended stay in the hospital why not do it in style. You definitely want to make your bag stand out so you don’t lose it. You can use these luggage charms on your tote, back-pack, suitcase or any other portable, to differentiate yours from others. Simply use a permanent marker, such as a Sharpie, to complete your contact information on the space provided on the back. The luggage charm attaches with approximately 16 inches of grosgrain ribbon. Ribbon colors are selected to compliment the luggage charm design. There are so many colorful
options. They all can be personalized with your initials. At $7 each, these tags are a quick, inexpensive gift.
2. A new fancy bag!! MZ Wallace makes fabulous trendy bags that are cute and functional. Why spend money on a bag that is the size of a bagel, or that is made out of material that you can’t breathe on let alone get wet? M Z WALLACE was founded in January 2000 by Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice. The line includes bags, luggage and accessories for women and men. Their designs have been featured in numerous beauty and fashion magazines. What I like about them is as beautiful as they are,they also were designed with so much thought for actual daily use. Every bag is lined and many include pockets for cell phones, organizers, wallets and more. I love their line of nylon bags because they are so easy to wipe clean and keep fresh looking. They are soft, lightweight nylon Teflon coated for water repellency and lined with satin nylon. The leather and hardware touches make the bag look glamorous without losing the functionality. Get yours at (
3. If you are more of a “tech” girl you will totally love and appreciate this new line of laptop bags that I just found at a company called I love the unique colorful and stylish designs to choose from. I like that I know my laptop and can pick it out amongst a sea of boring, plain black bags. I also admire that the bags look sleek and not bulky. I am a grown woman and do not want to feel like I am wearing a back pack filled with textbooks, going back to school. These bags are beautiful. Simple. One thing that makes Casauri unique is that the company is 100 % women-owned, women-run, and minority-owned. My favorite pattern to choose from was the natural brown. It features a floral design that is feminine without being overly girly. Check out their selection of bags here.
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  • Robert

    Or send art supplies or books. I’ve had only two get-well presents, both were from friends and both surprises. Both wowed me. One was a set of 24 Mont Marte oil pastels that I love and use to this day from an Australian friend. (Americans might look for Loew-Cornell.) The other was a pair of Get Fuzzy cartoon books that introduced me to the character, from an American friend.
    If I were sending a get-well present to a guy (you may be spot on for women in this article), I’d send the latest Terry Pratchett book or one of them with a theme that comes close to something I know he likes or hates or has regularly joked about. Pratchett is hilarious and a pain reducer all by himself.