Get better sleep with these essential “Sleep Accessories”


August is “Good Night, Sleep Right” month at! Sleep Accessories Edition
Sleep masks, ear plugs, fuzzy socks – there are tons of “sleep accessories” that I’ve used from time to time to establish better sleep habits. Sometimes it’s nice to change things up once in a while, and sometimes its takes a little something extra, like a good book, especially during or after a flare, to get back to a sleep routine that works.
Here are a few suggestions for helping you find a bed-time routine that works for you.

Bedtime Stories The short, long and tall tales of a sleepwriter

This book is a fun read for anyone who is having bad insomnia or just trouble falling asleep. If you can’t sleep, why not read about someone else having the same problems? You won’t feel alone, and at least some of these stories will make you laugh. The author, Barbara Worton would write 3 pages without stopping, editing, or re-reading before going to sleep. That is why she coined the phrase- sleepwriter. Many sleep experts say that writing down your thoughts before bed helps you relax and clear your mind to sleep more soundly. All the stories are the perfect short length to read a little bit each night before bed.

Pretty in Pink Sleep Mask
Pretty in Pink has many sleep solutions, including sleeps masks and ear plugs. Block out noise and light and you will sleep soundly through the night. These are not just great for sleeping at night but also for those daytime naps. The pink mask gives a total black out experience. The silky foam padding does not leave pressure marks on your face and is quite comfortable. An adjustable strap makes this product one size fits all. You can buy these online at or your local pharmacy. If you go online ( you can print out a $2 coupon!
Pretty in Pink Ear Plugs
My husband snores and it always wakes me up. I was willing to try anything. I thought I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing ear plugs, but after trying them for a few nights I soon forgot I was even wearing them. These ear plugs eliminated loud sounds but did not block out sound completely which I liked for safety reasons. They are made of foam and expand naturally in each ear for a custom fit. You can buy these online at or your local pharmacy. If you go online ( you can print out a $2 coupon!
Brookstone: NAP™ Eyemask
I admit – I’m an eye mask snob. I need one for napping, one for heavy sleeping, one for summer, one for winter … the list goes on. The NAPtm Eyemask by Brookstone is comfortable and versatile. It is extremely light weight and soft, which is perfect for catching a quick nap. It does a nice job blocking out total light, and while I prefer a heavier mask in the winter during those cold nights, the NapSoft material is definitely comfy for the summer. This mask retails for $10.00. One size fits most.
Brookstone: NAP™ Travel Socks
What a genius idea; a luxuriously soft pair of socks for those cramped flights or cold nights on the couch! The NAPtm Travel Socks by Brookstone are perfect for relaxing on a long trip, or napping your living room. These socks are lightweight and comfortable and retail for just $10.00.
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