Product Review: Foot Flush


I am one of the least handy people in the world and yet even I could install the FootFlush, so I know that you can too. But why would you want to?

FootFlush is a silly looking device that attaches to your toilet and when you step on it, your toilet flushes. It looks like a white, plastic foot and one of the reasons for its appeal is that kids will be more likely to flush. I teach four year olds and they are notorious for leaving the bathroom, without that familiar swooshing sound. Inevitably I have to ask- “Did you flush?” they then turn around and go back in, signaling the answer was a no.
So far the kids in my class love it and without any prompting they are flushing on their own. This little device is also handy for seniors, who find it difficult to use their hands, or anyone who suffers from arthritis. Perhaps most importantly, it also eliminates the germs that invade the bathroom, by keeping our hands off the toilet handle.
FootFlush can be attached to any toilet. For more information on this product, contact-
-Written by Janet Miserandino, ©2006