Product Review: Automatic Gizmo® Can Opener


You all know how I love kitchen gadgets and this is my newest favorite. The arthritis in my hands is really bad and gets worse as the weather gets colder, so being the wonderful husband that he is, Darren went and bought me this can opener. It is awesome. I don’t have to do anything but put it on the can and it does the rest.

It makes my life in the kitchen so much easier. I use a lot of canned foods and even the regular electric openers hurt me, because you have to push down to apply pressure and it would hurt my hands so badly, but this little miracle doesn’t require any of my precious energy. Anything that leaves me with an extra spoon or two a day is worth its weight in gold.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Go to to get yours.
Submitted by: Stefanie Mullins,, © 2006