Who knew a simple thing like a phone could make life so much easier? Vtech phone system LS6475-3


I recently received a new phone system and I am in love. Who knew such a simple thing as a phone could make your life so much easier, and any mom knows that she needs to make her life easier.The VTech phone system, model LS6475-3 is a cordless hands free phone, with two handsets. I first loved it because of it’s sleek design and metallic finish, but then I got hooked on using the headset. Now I do all my chores, make my daughter’s breakfast, fold the laundry and straighten up, all while talking to both friends and colleagues. I seem to get so much more done now while I am on hold for a doctor’s office. The headband is comfortable and the sound in both the headset and the speaker is superior, clear and crisp, making it easier to make business calls from home. I can hear every converstaion, even over the loud chatter of my 4 year old in the background. I no longer have to keep switching hands because my arms hurt from holding a phone. I think my neck even whispered thank you now that I no longer have to do that weird position where you tilt your head against your shoulder.

Another plus on this phone is that the battery life is up to 1 week. Perfect for a busy mom like me, who constantly forgets to charge her phone. I also found it helpful that it announces the name and number of the caller on all handsets and base units, making it easier to screen those pesky telemarketers.
And of course it has many of the features you would now expect in a phone system- time and date on recorded messages, remote message retrieval, and a 50 name phone book directory.
This unit retails for $99 and can be found at www.VTech.com or most major electronic stores.
They even have a facebook page and they are on twitter if you have questions, or to learn more! I think this would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift instead of Flowers which only die in a few days anyway!
Review written by: Christine Miserandino
I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of VTech and received a product sample to facilitate my review.
  • Very informative.

  • Kaoldt

    How is the speaker sound? I often have to phone in to hear Sunday services due to illness and my current phone cuts in and out and the kids and I end up huddled around it to hear anything. It’s very frustrating.

  • Sam

    All that I wrote above doesn’t even begin to factor in the expenses that are related to our youngest child who is in her 1st year of high school with a 4.0 GPA and my fears that we won’t be able to find a scholarship in order to allow this amazingly smart young lady to attend a university of her choice. She has managed to receive the Student of Excellence Award from our state’s 1st woman governor in history, the President’s Award, and be nominated and inducted into the Junior Honor’s Society while retaining her straight A average on each report card ever since she began receiving letter grades in 1st grade. She has had an amazing school record. In middle school when her classmates swore she would never get a recycling program put into place, she took it as a challenge as well as her personal crusade to “save the planet”. This 7th grader wrote a heartfelt essay with every ounce of information she was able to find with regards to how much waste the school had along with how it didn’t belong in the landfill, it belonged in a place where it was able to be recycled. She brought it to the principal enclosed in a nice (but affordable) portfolio folder written in essay form with a listing of where she obtained all the information to prove her case listed at the end. It took a while but the principal was able to start a recycling plan as she wished. It was a MAJOR accomplishment for her even if the school did lose funding for her program toward the end of her 8th grade year. Her dad and I assured her that we were proud of her because she went after something she was passionate about and against all the odds as well as a large portion of the student body and she made it happen; sure, it was taken out due to budget cuts but she saved a great deal of items that did not end up in the landfill over that time period and instead, it went toward being turned into something else that was usable so even if funding dried up for her, it was still a win and she made others who were initial naysayers begin to recycle at home! Most still do! 

  • Sam

    I would give anything to be able to afford this phone set; hwr, I am supporting my family with only my SSDI (it’s based on blindness as I learned I had a retinal disease about 10yrs before learning I had Lupus (SLE), Sjogren’s, & Fibro not to mention I learned I was in remission when I had no clue I even had the danged diseases). I’m working on my DH’s case for disability after he suffered 2 heart attacks, the 2nd being major & in med-speak is termed as a “widow-maker” b/c so few survive it & none do unless they are in a hospital or heart-specialist hospital – they saved his life by treating the 2nd heart attack that would’ve taken his life if he hadn’t been at a heart center after the paramedics rolled him into the room with all the heart equipment set up. He had a quadruple heart bypass the following morning at 5am and afterward he was intubated and placed on a heart-lung bypass machine b/c his body wasn’t strong enough to keep them working under his own steam. We’ve been fighting for his disability for 2yrs & 6mos now. Btw taking care of the bills including our mortgage, our daughter, handling my own disease and my husband’s health problems starting w/the damage that was unable to be repaired while he was in surgery then the major problems we have keeping his type I diabetes under control, which isn’t working well at all, it is all I can do to hold myself together let alone get up b/c I have something going on in my lower lumbar spine area that my doctor believes is either the result of nerve damage or possible damage to the discs in my spine, including the probability that there may be some that have been damaged to the point where they no longer exist, which would explain my recent 4-5 monthly appts where my blood pressure has been high due to the pain. I don’t know what I will do if what my rheumy & neurologist said when they did my bone scan several yrs or so ago: They couldn’t understand how I was managing to walk on my own b/c the bone density scanner showed that I had so much damage in my bones, particularly from the lower back to my feet. There’s this lump in my stomach that makes me wonder if this is the time where I end up in that chair. Life is tough enough when dealing with blindness. I don’t know how many more hits I will have to take. Even worse, I have a phone that refuses to hold a charge for more than 20mins or so and I have nothing left to buy a new phone or new batteries for this phone as it was a hand-me-down but one I needed desperately after my last phone quit on me. 

    I envy those of you who can get this phone though and that’s meant in a good way. Perhaps I will be able to find a way to save something and eventually make it to equal enough so I can buy this one too but it’s nothing I can bank on as I’m fortunate when I can get through a month where my checking acct goes into the red and I end up with yet another $35 overdraft fee. 

  • Cardsbysherrie

    I have had this particular phone for over six months – the hands free is great!  I do like the “headband” better because then nothing has to go around my ear.

    I am unable to hold a telephone because of numerous health related reasons, and this has really been helpful for me!

    Clear sound was very important to me, and this one comes with flying colors!

    The adjustable headband is so nice – you can have it snug or less so – whatever your preference.

    Great phone!

  • Llkaufma

    I’ve had this for some time, and all the good stuff said about it is true.  Mine came with the Bluetooth thingey AND an actual headband-type headset, which I use.  It could be better in terms of being a snugger fit both in my ear and around (well over the top of) my head, but it is still just fine.  I really, really like it.

  • I am weary

    If you look up the headset for this phone on Amazon, out of 31 reviews, 17 are 1 star because of the poor construction of the headset alone.  Like I need more misery in my life….

  • Laineygirl45

    Thank you for this post. Anything that makes life easier is a friend to me. A few minutes ago I fought the packaging for the Finish dishwasher tablets. I really hate it when even soap is difficult to open. I have saved a Cascade tub that has a flip top to keep the Finish tablets in. I wish the marketing and design department of companies would consider limitations of some of us.
    The phone you described sounds wonderful!

  • Thank you for posting this.  I had not seen any ads about this marvelous invention.  It has everything I have been looking for.  The battery life of 1 week is fantastic.  My cordless phone has to be recharged every other day.  Holding the phone for more than a few minutes causes pain for me and if I use the speaker phone I have to lean forward and talk into the machine (I’ve been told I’m soft spoken), which is uncomfortable.  All in all, this is simply a “wow” product, for me.

  • Debbie

    the headset is the bluetooth looking thing. I looked it up online. Was hoping for more of an actual headset.

  • If you’re able to post a pic of the headset, I’d love to see it–too bad I just bought a new phone–my old one has a bad feature on the answering system.  It beeps every 15 seconds after it takes a message.  If I’m napping or sleeping late, this invariably wakes me up!  Make sure never to get this feature, if you need your sleep–