Product Review: Comfort-U Pillows Sleep is made easier when you cuddle



I have a secret. I am sleeping with something new in my bed and my nights have never been better!

Now, that I have gotten your attention, let me tell you about my new pillow! I have never been as confident, to encourage my readers to go out and purchase something, but this product has had such an immediate and positive effect, that I am raving about it to anyone who will listen. I just received this pillow last week and I am already in love with it. It is like a “new toy” that I show off. “Have you seen my new “Comfort-U” Pillow? I sleep with it every night. It is great, here try it.”


Good Night

Good Night

I have always had problems sleeping, either from tossing and turning from being restless, or whether I am just achy in pain not having enough “cushioning” were I need it. The Comfort-U pillow solved most of these problems. It is almost too good to be true. I tried so many types of body pillows in the past. I would even try to literally surrounded myself with “normal” sized pillows at night and nothing really helped that much.
Designed by a registered nurse, the “Comfort-U Body pillow” was originally invented to help relieve fibromyalgia, a chronic condition marked by muscular pain and tenderness at specific points of the body. It has now been recognized as an effective aid to help anyone get a good night’s sleep.
The pillow is a huge U shape which can wrap around your body or position however you need it. It doesn’t matter on what side you are laying – this pillow is everywhere. The ergonomic “U shape” cradles your body to help eliminate tossing and turning, keeping your neck, shoulders, back and hips aligned all night long. I saw a difference in the first night I slept when I awoke more rested and less achy. I also found that my general “rest” times were more effective as well, without wasting so much time “getting comfortable” by fidgeting.
This pillow is not only good for people living with pain. I could only imagine that the pillow would be a perfect gift for someone who is pregnant, since this pillow would cradle the mother’s body and give support wherever she needed it.
The fossfill filling allows the pillow to breathe and stay fluffy. Fossfil is a new hypoallergenic and antimicrobial material that inhibits dust mites. The white washable pillow case was included and it comes with a one year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase. They sell replacement pillowcases in different colors and fabrics and they even have a moist heat therapy pillow insert to go in the “neck” part of the pillow.
Take note that the pillow is “human size” and is quite long, so you just need to think of where you will store it when not in use. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want it to be shorter- you will love that it encompasses you and that is half the appeal. Nothing comes even close to this pillow. I am trying to save money, and I can certainly understand the inclination to try other products that might be less expensive, but this is the most deluxe body pillow I have ever used and I believe it is well worth every penny.

Review written by: Christine Miserandino,

  • Patricia Nagel

    I can’t wait to get one. I currently sleep with a minimum of four pillows but they often escape from me during the night so that I end up on my stomach occasionally.

  • This thing is enormous but sooo worth it! I made my own pillowcase from a king size sheet. Highly recommend!

  • Rae Hilton

    I love this pillow, I have two. One for each of my beds. I cannot sleep without them anymore. they are amazing.

  • Karen McPherson Duffy

    The pillow is amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering chronic pain which affects your nightime sleep. One problem with me was I am going through perimenopause…I had no idea such a thing even existed, until I began to bleed continuously, had hot flashes, burst into tears at any moment for no reason whatsoever!! So I have been way too hot to go near my lovely pillow. Just thought I would share that with you ladies. God bless x

  • ChaoticVaper

    Gosh, there are so many of these pillows listed. Is there a difference? And thank you for the recommendation, I have a few chronic illnesses and I can’t get comfortable on a bed unless I’m, literally, ready to pass out.

  • Ekanem Enquire

    Just bought one last week and have been enjoying it – recommend it to all

  • Bodyhealth Dotbiz

    Love it! Been sleeping so much better:) Finally my back pain isn’t as
    bad in the morning. Defiantly recommended to everyone and anyone.

  • Panheadvic

    WOW, This would be great for my R.S.D./C.R.P.S..I am in such pain, 24/7 Maybe this pillow would help me out..But, have to wait till next check to come in..Disability does not go far..Barely make it..But, this pillow is a must..

  • jfowlr

    i want please

  • Star

    Yes agreed absolutely fantastic. Mine unfortunately has become thin at top and needs more stuffing. Find it is great for some restorative yoga. slide under knees for support in butterfly………around back across tummy to allow forward stretch fully supported to elongate the spine and neck.

  • Nata


    I just read your review of the Comfort-U pillow. Do you still enjoy the pillow? Do you have any problems with it?

    I am very interested in purchasing one because I have lots of pain in my left sacroiliac, sometimes my back, and sometimes my left knee. I have Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility type.

    I went to the Amazon website, and while most people love the pillow, some complain of the scratchy zipper and the pillow deflating.

    I am interested to know your current opinion of the pillow to help guide me about purchasing it. BTW, I’m fairly short at 5’3″ and wonder if it’s too long for me.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


  • VSusan Evin

    Hi Christine!
    I have a laundry list of invisible Different-Abilities & my mattress store recommended the U-pillow to me 5yrs ago when they “fitted” me with a new mattress. I had just come from Pain Clinic & had worked 6hrs prior, so I could barely walk–he asked for the laundry list, had me try 4mattresses,and as I oozed onto his final & most-recommended model, said he’d be right back. I was in absolute heaven, why walk away from a yes? He brought back what turned out to be a U-pillow, tucked it around me as he asked questions & rearranged it, & told me to just relax while he handled a customer call. Well, long story coming to close–i literally passed out! I do hope I didn’t snore or drool! Neither the manager (bless that man) or his two staff could bear to wake me! But they needed the model. Another client was testing & they wanted to give me a minute to wake up&get my balance. Needless to say, that U-pillow he had popped fresh out of the box came home with me! I have to prop or I don’t sleep. I love it! And have for five years. I’m thrilled it’s now “out there” for everyone! And thank you for spreading the word! BTW, I’ve never stored mine. :D. But I would recommend a “space bag” type vacuum seal. I’m also allergic to dust! 😀 Happy day&weekend! Choose Joy! Thank you again

  • I put this link on Facebook, had a friend with fibromyalgia buy it. She loves it. Ordered a second one to keep in front room in her oversize chair to relax. Certainly looking forward to buying one for myself. Have fibro, UCTD, OA and can use the relief. Thanks for the review!

  • Margaret

    Hi, i am going to buy one of these pillows for myself and one for each of my daughters, as we all have restless nights due to one thing or another.
    Thankyou for sharing this fabulous pillow


  • Hi Christine! I just ordered mine a couple days ago and can’t wait to get it! I hope it doesn’t bother my hubby but he thinks it’s great and is excited for me! I will let you know how it goes once i sleep with it for a couple of nights. :). -BlessedBklynite