Spoonie Hair Help: Emi-Jay Hair Bands


I am a hair accessory addict. I own every kind of hair accessory.

When I was younger, I swore I would always leave the house looking “presentable”.  I would not just throw my hair in a pony tail. Not that there’s anything wrong with a well-coiffed pony tail, but they were not for me.  The only time I wore my hair up was during workouts or getting ready for bed. UNTIL….

I became a Spoonie. As Spoonies know, there are days when it’s impossible to get out of bed. Many days we don’t make it. But there are those days when we absolutely have to:  important meetings, family events, doctor appointments. On these days, I cannot worry about my hair.

I read about Emi-Jay.com. The idea is simple: colored bits of elastic made into pony tail elastics or headbands. The price is reasonable. They are genius. They never pull or break my hair. You can wear them all day, and they don’t leave a dent. They never slide and are comfortable. I sleep in them. A part of my Spoonie existence is an all day infusion once a month. I can lie back in that recliner with my hair up, and never notice the elastic.

Being a Spoonie is hard. If we find even the most simple of things to help us, then it’s worth it. And on those very Spoonie days, anything we can do to make our routines easier, helps us hold on to our spoons. 

Find them online at www.emi-jay.com.

Article written by Staff Writer, Kelly Clardy


Kelly lives in Atlanta with her husband and kitty. She developed PIDD in 1995, went undiagnosed until 2007, and has been receiving IVIG ever since. She also has: capillary hemangioma of the colon, chronic anemia, Hashimot’os disease, insulin resistance, and a host of other diagnosis. By day, she’s a Senior Project Coordinator and a Zebra. She can be found lurking on twitter, @collie1013 and on Facebook at Kelly Jaeckle Clardy.

  • Kathy D

    I ordered some for my 12 year old granddaughter who has very long beatiful thick hair & a busy schedule. Some days her hair is up part of the day & down for part. The pony tail holders are working great. She fell a sleep one night with it up & didn’t even notce it & there was no pony tail dent when she got up. Great job!!

  • Mine came in the mail and they’re amazing!

    Also they’re super cute 🙂

    They don’t slip, I can’t believe it!

    And they don’t break your hair either.

    Sooo awesome…and I can sleep in them too.

    (I always have a problem of waking up sooo hot and with my hair off of my neck it’s great!)

    Now I’m definitely not cutting my hair!

    I’m letting it grooowww 😀

  • Ellie

    these look promising even to me! I cannot blow dry my hair, use a curling iron, anything like that so I plop my hair up with a scrunchie or something. I always feel that I look disheveled when my hair is a mess! I can deal with a lot of things when I leave my house (on rare occasions), but my hair and face are the two things I feel I must do! Thanks for the post! I use a mineral based make up that goes one so easily, all natural, made in a friends home, and so easy to use and it covers all sorts of woes. Check it out.


    You never know until you try! I jave a bench in the bathroom and the appropriate brushes and can leave the house without embarrassment,

  • Lyn Jaeckle

    These are fantastic. As I’ve gotten older the problem of hair breakage has gotten worse. These are so gentle and though they seem a little expensive…I’ve been using the same ones for a year and they haven’t stretched out. Still as good as new. A stylish way to a pony tail. Great review.

  • I think these look amazing!

    I showed a friend some that I liked and the next thing I know he says “Well, they’ll be here in 7 to 10 business days.”

    I’m so excited and I’m lucky to have such amazing friends!

    I will let you know how they are for me 🙂