Product Review: Rustic Attitude Spoon Jewelry & Accessories


So, are you looking to let your Spoonie flag fly? Are you looking for a way to advertise your Spoonie-ness, or are you just looking for an elegant way to quietly remind yourself that you’re a Spoonie while still looking fabulous? Or better yet, are you a supporter of a Spoonie and you want to give them a meaningful symbol of your love and support?

 I have just the thing for you. I met this vendor at an annual art festival that my city holds each year. Funny enough, I was buying their lovely goods long before I had even heard of butyoudontlooksick. So I was sporting spoon accessories even before I knew I was a Spoonie. But of course, now that I know what I am, I was dying to see this vendor again and really stock up on some now very meaningful spoons. So this year I went to the art fair specifically looking for these folks, and I found them! They have heard of BYDLS before from several people. Perfect.

 The company is  They are located in Matthews, NC. It’s a small company, a husband and wife team, Keith and Maureen Boone.  For the last 15 years, they have been turning flea market flatware into beautiful and creative jewelry and accessories. Every time I have visited their booth, it is crowded with long lines, everyone clamoring for their amazing custom creations.

 The Boone’s flatware creations are made from vintage silver-plate. Their successful product line includes:  spoon crosses, spoon pendants, vintage watch face pendants, key chains, posey vases, writing pens, spoon rings and spoon bracelets. They show examples of these collections on their website.  It’s not possible to order directly off of their website, but they do accept orders via email:  [email protected] and via phone:  (704) 841-7834. So you will need to contact them directly for specific items, pricing, and ordering. I did get their permission up front for this product review, so they are aware that the some of #Spoonie nation may hopefully be contacting them about their lovely creations.

 I personally already have several styles of their key chains and rings. They are a lovely reminder throughout my day that I’m a Spoonie. And for those that don’t know about The Spoon Theory, they just think that I am wearing some gorgeous jewelry. I hope you check them out. I know I will eagerly be awaiting their next visit to my city so my collection continues to grow.


 Article written by staff writer, Kelly Clardy


Kelly lives in Atlanta with her husband and kitty. She developed PIDD in 1995, went undiagnosed until 2007, and has been receiving IVIG ever since. She also has: capillary hemangioma of the colon, chronic anemia, Hashimotos, insulin resistance, palindromic arthritis, and a host of other dxs. By day, she’s a Senior Project Coordinator and a Zebra. She can be found lurking on twitter, @collie1013 and Facebook, Kelly Jaeckle Clardy.

  • This is quite unusual that flatware is being converted into items of jewellery. I must look into this as I find this quite strange! I hope it is clean cutlery? I cant imagine a dirty fork piercing an ear !

  • Agree with Karen, I must check out this website! Flatware to Jewelry – great idea!

  • Karen Vasquez

    I am very excited to check out their site. I love wearing unique silver jewlery- and this sounds like it’s just up my alley. Thanks for telling us about this site.

  • natty

    will they deliver to the uk or only within the states?

  • Sari

    Long before I heard of this site and The Spoon Theory, I “permanently borrowed” from my mom several pieces of jewelry, a set, made out of old flatware. There is a fork ring, knife bracelet and (you guessed it) a spoon pendant. Anytime I wear any of the pieces I get compliments, but once I discovered this site I dug out the pendant and have kept it with me since. Sometimes I wear it, sometimes it’s just in my pocket or purse, but always it’s a reminder that I am only human, that it’s okay to say “no, I can’t do that right now” and, of course, an extra spoon to keep in reserve 🙂 I’ve never seen another set or piece like it, and am so glad that now we can all have an extra spoon for those “just in case” times. Thank you for telling us about the Boones and their work!

  • I really am excited to look at their site. I am interested in getting some Spoonie accessories!