Product Review: Isotoner Slippers


slippersFor those with chronic illness, it can be a matter of importance to keep one’s feet warm and protected, even when at home. Socks are cozy but not very sturdy, and wearing regular shoes in the house can be less than comfy. My favorite solution so far has been the Isotoner line of slippers.

I’ve been wearing Isotoner products for a number of years. When my feet started getting noticeably icy cold due to Raynaud’s, my husband gave me the fuzzy kind of slippers with cuffs that you could fold down in the summer or wear up in the winter to cover your ankles. And after my diabetes diagnosis when I was told to wear shoes all the time so that my sometimes numb feet wouldn’t get injured, my husband got me the fleece sport boot.

The fleece sport boot is the ultimate in protection and warmth while still being comfortable. It has thick high cuffs to the top of the ankle so that the feet aren’t as exposed to drafts. And it has a sturdy rubber sole so that you don’t slip on wet floors or get soggy socks when you have to step out on a snowy porch to look for the newspaper.

I live in a climate where below zero temperatures occur every winter, so I got slippers large enough to fit over thick chenille socks. There are other styles available that are less heavy duty that might suit warmer climes, like their ballerina slippers, which I haven’t tried but look quite cute and comfy. I do not know for certain where my husband purchased my slippers, but I do know that they are available at large department store chains such as JC Penney.

The cold weather is not quite over yet, so why not keep your feet toasty at home for the remainder of the season? Try on a pair of Isotoners for size.

Submitted by: Karen Brauer,

  • Ariel Musi

    I just bought these Slippers in a recent trip to replace some cheap and old I were using… I saw them in a store but had to search and order online in order to get my size, when I tried them, after an hour I noticed something wrong, socks just leave a mess of lint in my feet, as you can see in the picture. After a washing they got better, but they keep shedding anyway.

    My old cheap ones didn’t have this problem. I can’t use a product that requires cleaning my feet after every use. So how is this possibly happening? was this never tested on humans? is the product intended to be worn with socks?

    I tried to get an answer from Isotoner 5 times in different channels, but they forwarded me to another channel, or just didn’t answer at all. I even send this review to give them a chance to give their point of view, but they ignored me, clearly a company who didn’t care about customers.

    I recommend to avoid this brand for lack of customer support and ignorance in manufacturing footwear.

  • sara

    Isotoner Women’s Microterry Pillow Step Satin Cuff Clog Slippers
    I have worn and have loved this indoor/outdoor slipper. I only wear it indoors as I have been homebound since my stroke six months ago. The sole on the right shoe completely separated from the rest of the shoe. I have used isotoner products all my life (82 yrs) and this is first time it has become necessary to use a warranty.

    I am shocked and disenchanted that you call this a warranty. I have to pay $5.85 to return slippers to you via USPS Priority Mail with tracking PLUS send you an additional $5.00.

    Your warranty will cost me $10.85 to replace DEFECTIVE 6 MONTH OLD SHOE which can be purchased BRAND NEW with

    FREE SHIPPING & FREE RETURNS thru AMAZON:Price:$14.39 Free Shipping for Prime Members & Free Returns

    Isotoner Women’s Microterry Pillow Step Satin Cuff Clog Slippers

  • Cynthia O’Brien

    I love my Isotoner ballet slippers. Many different colors to go with many outfits. Easy to wash and dry, and easy to replace. Mine last for years. I’ve tried other brands, but always go back to Isotoner.

  • Bambi

    another little hint for the balet slipper type. they accomodate feet that swell unpredictably. I keep a pair in my purse for celebrations and such where my pretty shoes aint gonna take me throgh the night. I have even hand embelishes a pair or two with a few beads and for my wedding I had a pair that I dressed up with lace and pearlsoa and a few rhinestones on the toes to pic up my dress… just remember to take into accocunt that they are stretchy all over and to make the stiches so tight that they will bust when you try to put them on…

  • I hate wearing shoes in the house, even in winter. It’s usually just my toes that get cold, but I’ll often wear socks and slip on my fake crocs if I have to step outdoors.
    The ballet slippers would be much more attractive, though.

  • Barbara Poole

    I live in West TN and it gets pretty cold and damp here in the winter. I love your Isotoner slippers! My feet get sweaty and stinky in shoes, and I wear slippers out washing them, so I bought a pair of sandals from Lands End that I wear with thick socks in winter, and very thin socks in summer. I powder my feet before putting on the socks, and the sandals are wonderfully supportive on our hardwood floors.