Product review: Silversmith’s Gloves


For those of you who have a very hard time handling small items, or are tired from rubbing and polishing your silver, these gloves are a delightful answer!

They also keep your fingers from turning black and drying out. I received these gloves as a gift and used them as soon as I returned home (my jewelry cleaning was long overdue.) The chore was so simple, with no messy clean up, that I could hardly believe I had cleaned all of my silver jewelry.
As an added bonus, I found myself admiring the curves and cuts in the pieces. I was “experiencing” my intricate pendants and swirling rings, and as I rubbed them I realized I was enjoying my pieces as well as cleaning them.
My next chore will be the Christmas ornament keepsakes, since they are still out from the holiday. Then on to the candy dishes, flower vases, music boxes, and whatever I can find along the way that has that dull oxidized look. If I completely wear out the cleaning power of the gloves, I only need to pick up a can of dry spray to re-condition them and start again.
Review written by: Kaye Koeberle © 2005