Product Review: Shaklee Get Clean Cleaning Products


With a new baby on the way, I was looking into cleaning supplies that were chemical free and the “healthiest” for my baby. I also recently tried to take a renewed interest in doing what I can to live a healthier lifestyle. I think it is important to not only seek traditional medical advice, but to pay attention to what we are putting in, on and near our bodies. That being said, I was recently given the opportunity to bring some new cleaning products from Shaklee into my house for a product review and I was pleasantly surprised.

In general, the Get Clean cleaning products from Shaklee are advertised to be natural, biodegradable, fragrance-free, and super-concentrated (which makes them very economical to use and reduces a lot of packaging). To be
honest, although they promote that they are a “green” company and good for the environment, I was just truly happy that they worked well and smelled great. When I took the time to read what I was washing down my new baby’s toys and clothes with, I was shocked that I would put these chemicals near her skin and on her toys (which she will end up putting near her mouth.) When I started reading about the Shaklee products I was happy to see
that they worked just as well without the harsh chemicals, dyes and fragrances.
Shaklee states that their Get Clean products “do not contain hazardous ingredients.” More specifically they state-
No naphthalene
No kerosene
No formaldehyde
No phenol
No cresol
No lye
No hydrochloric acid
No sulfuric acid
No petroleum distillates
No benzene
No ammonia
No paradichlorobenzene
No sodium hydroxide
No butyl cellosolve
No phosphoric acid
No chlorine
0 ingredients that are hazardous to humans.
0 chemicals like phosphates, chlorine, and nitrates that are harmful to the
0 volatile organic compounds, chemicals that produce noxious toxins and air
pollution are in the Get Clean brand.
My favorites were:
Dish Soap
This soap worked just as well as I could have expected from a non-environmental cleaner. I never did add any additional soap to the dishpan and the soap worked fantastic. You can use such a little amount and get a whole sink full of dishes done. I also found that my hands were not as dry after using this product. I’ve never seen a recommendation on other soaps to use as little as possible, which made me smile, but it was true!
Laundry Soap
The laundry soap has worked well. I really did not see any difference between this soap and the traditional stuff I had bought previously from the grocery store. My feeling on it was why not use the less abrasive soap if there was no difference. My only complaint was that the bottle didn’t come with a measuring cup. The directions say to use 1 oz of soap, because it is concentrated, but without an easy to use cup, or measuring top, I had a hard
time estimating. This is not a huge complaint since after a few loads, I got the right amount down. Also a shot glass or small cup would have done the trick.
Germ Off Disinfecting Wipes
These packages come with 35 wipes each. Quite simply, they are convenient and easy to use. I keep one in my kitchen, bathroom and now the baby’s room to wipe up any little messes.
I would highly recommend these products to anyone. I have not had the chance to try other products from Shaklee, but I look forward to the opportunity, since this was such a pleasant experience.
I had the pleasure of working with Karen from Shaklee. You can contact her here:
Article written by Christine Miserandino, © 2008