Product Review: Battery Operated Flour Sifter


Perhaps not in time for holiday baking, but for future cooking sprees, here’s an idea that might help those with aches, pains, or strains in the hands! The battery operated sifter works just like it sounds. You pop in a couple
of batteries, depending on which sifter you purchase, and it does the work for you. No more pumping with the new plastic sifters that are commonly found in the home stores! I found that to be exhausting and painful! I longed
for an “old-fashioned” metal sifter that you twirled by hand, but even those can create difficulties for those of us suffering with joint pain.

Pros: Easy on the fingers, wrists, elbows; lightweight; easier to wash than tin models; affordable.
Cons: Requires batteries; plastic base not as durable as metal; different models might be a little slower than doing it the “old-fashioned way.”
Grab a chair, and let the sifter do the work for you! I do agree that at times, especially with fine powders like cake flour, the sifting can be a lengthier process, but not having to grip or wind makes up for it! I’d suggest doing a cup or so at a time to help the batteries do the job with a little more ease and speed. Happy baking!
You can buy one here.
Article written by Carrie Burns, © 2007