Product Review and Contest: Jet-Dry my mind is might be foggy,but my glasses don’t have to be!


Start the new year off on a cleaner note! 1 easy way to make your life cleaner and easier.

Jet Dry is a product that is added to the dishwasher in a little compartment usually on the door. Sometimes a small sample comes with a new dishwasher and is recommended for use by that manufacture. After all, if they supply a sample so their machine will run smoothly and make them look good, it must work. JET-DRY is specifically designed to enable the glasses and dishes to look and feel clean after washing. It is not a “by-the-way” product that does cleaning and “by-the-way” gives a clean finish to the kitchen ware. In almost every case that I’ve used it, the water spots and food residue are washed away by the last rinse. Many people think that Jet-Dry is an extra thing to use. In this economy I can see why someone would think to just skip buying or using this product. I think that would be a huge mistake. As a person with chronic illness, limited time and energy the thought of rinsing dishes, putting them in the dishwasher and then having to wipe them cleaner after because of water sposts and residue is exhausting. If I can take that last step out of the equation I have saved myself time and frustration and that is worth every penny!

 Even the dishwasher smells a little cleaner. (Up to this point I have even used the dishwasher to wash my husband’s baseball caps and they smell cleaner!)   

The glasses do sparkle as advertised and can remove the foggy look that detergents can leave. On their website at  the ingredients can be checked for possible allergies. An added benefit is that the website offers discount coupons for the product!  Go check it out.      

If the truth be told a person with a chronic illness most probably lives in a somewhat sloppy and dusty world because sparkly cleaning typically takes a backseat to just getting up and downing medicine every day JET-DRY give me one less thing to worry about and, although my mind is sometimes foggy, my glasses don’t have to be.     

 To learn more about Jetdry products go to:
I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Finish and received a Finish Jet-Dry product sample to facilitate my review, a sample to giveaway, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.
Review written  by Christine Miserandino
Thanks to Jet-Dry is holding a contest for one lucky reader who will receive a Finish Jet-Dry product sample. All you have to do to win is comment below. Tell us your “foggiest moment” story. We all have those “brain fog” days, this time you can actually win something for it! The winner will be chosen randomly on Monday January 9th and will be contacted via email for their mailing address.
  • Mark

    I was at work (several years ago when my FMS had just begun), and I left my office, got into my pickup and drove to the end of the blook, and sat at the stop sign wondering why I was sitting in my pickup. You can’t get much foggier than that.

    Of course, now I write everything down and it ‘jet dries’ my day a little better.

  • Sandra Wood

    One of my foggiest times happened just a few weeks ago when my intentions were to go 10 miles away to a store to get my daughter a certain hat for Christmas…..I ended up about 45 miles from home, lost….I did stop and ask for directions, which were kindly given to me by an elderly lady…(shouldn’t it have been the other way around?)
    I did text my oldest daughter to let her know what happened and that I was fine, just be getting back home really late….Yep, she told the family so my trips may be limited in the near future….

  • Elspeth

    My foggiest moment? I was getting ready for work one morning. Took off my PJs, did my morning routine in the bathroom (teeth, shower, shampoo and dry hair). Went back into the bedroom and put my PJs on again without even thinking about it. Then I realized it was too light outside for me to be going to bed, so off with the PJs and into my work clothes.

  • I have done a lot of spacey, foggy things since I was started on anti-seizure medicines for trigeminal neuralgia. I can see a wall in front of me and still walk into it, because I can’t seem to avoid it for some reason… I had to stop cooking on my own years ago because I would start a meal, and while it was cooking I would need to rest my feet… One time in particular, it was a meal that needed to cook for an hour, so I went to sit on the couch for a little while. Before the meds, I had never had any trouble remembering to get up and stir it… this night I completely forgot it until the whole hour was gone and my nose told me the whole meal was burned, badly! I made myself eat the food on the top, because it was still halfway decent, and when you are single and trying to live on such a limited budget you have to make lemonade from those kinds of lemons, but needless to say, the rest of it was fed to the possum that lived out back! That’s the night I finally decided that if it didn’t come out of a can, or couldn’t be cooked in the microwave, it probably wasn’t safe for me to fix it anymore… I had already burned steaks before, when I had company over, so badly that none of us could eat any of them, so I have learned to be very careful.

    I’ve started a sink of dishes, only to forget I was doing them and come back to find the water completely cold, and I had forgotten to even put any of the dirty dishes in the sink to soak, so it was a total waste! I space out when reading, so a lot of times I get to read the same book over and over and over and over again… did I say over and over again yet? I have been known to read the same paragraph four times before I finally give up and will take a nap, because my brain just shuts down sometimes. My grandmother had to send me the lens cap for my camera, because I left it at her house in Tennessee… I live in Missouri. I’m constantly finding the remote in the freezer, or the my losing all my underwear, like there is a monster in the house eating it all… I tell my parents and my brother that my brain has switched off, so I must need a nap, when I get at my foggiest.

  • For real couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to. Forgetting to rip the TP from the roller after a middle of the night bathroom use. The following morning my husband found the trail of TP thru the house, where apparently I was looking thru various windows in my sleep. The trail lead to me in our bed, with TP still in my PJ bottoms. Even after 30 years of marriage , my husband still a gentleman, took care of the trail w/o disturbing my PJ’s and it took him a whole day to work up the courage to tell me the story. He was so sure I would be red faced from embarrassment…no way I was red faced from laughter. Without humor the many illnesses my body has taken on…would indeed get the best of all of us.

  • Lori

    I have 3 kids and call them by each other’s names on a daily basis. The twin girls are understandable, but their brother SHOULD be easier…not so much. The worst was when I called my daughter by our late dog’s name.

    I also forget what I am talking about constantly.

  • Katie

    For Christmas this year I beautifully wrapped a book for my husband that I was absolutely positive he would LOVE. Turns out he did, both the first time I gave it to him (last year) and the second. I was thrifty though, I gave him the same copy twice ~ Duh!

  • You’re right about that! My house is dusty. By the time I am done swallowing all of the meds 3 times a day (if I am having a good day) my energy is limited and I am lucky if I can sparkle up a room per day.

    I’ll try jetdry. I did just get some recently when we got a new DW and it does work. I just don’t know when I am supposed to refill that stuff!

  • Brenda Vargas

    I’ve had too many foggy moments. It’s kind of sad knowing that I’m young as well. But there are times where I’d get up, leave my room, go into the kitchen. Then suddenly STOP! Why was I in here again??? It’ll take a minute for me to restart my brain again and remember: OH YEAH! I came for some juice. Open the fridge, take out the juice, pour some in a cup, opens the freezer….. UHHHHH!!! >.< Why am I putting the juice in the freezer? I stop myself just in time but not before I feel stupid and laugh at myself and just put the juice away and keep doing what I was doing.

    You really have to have a sense of humor to get through this.

  • Sharon

    My favorite foggy story…I’m always half-asleep and putting things where they don’t belong. Jelly and milk in the cabinet, peanut butter in the fridge, etc. One day I went into the garage to grab a screwdriver, and found (Oh No!) a pack of 100-calorie cheese cubes in the toolbox. Schwew, so happy I found it there and got rid of it before my husband saw it!

    Flash forward three days, and hubby comes in the house “Who moved my cheese out of the toolbox?!” Whaaaaaat? Turns out he had it in there on purpose to bait the mousetrap in the garage! Haha, so my foggy moment was assuming it had to be Me who put cheese in the toolbox, and just taking it for granted that I wouldn’t remember if I had. 😀

  • I have had so many foggy moments, but this one is the worst. Recently, at the grocery store, I saw my neighbor’s mother. She is a sweet lady and always continues on about my neighbor’s 3 dogs. Anyway she came up to me and said, “Did Rhonda tell you about Gus? She is picking up his medication right now.” Ok…so I had a bad, very embarrassing, foggy moment! I replied, “Oh so Gus is sick again? How old is he now?” She replied, “77.” I said…..oh yes…they get so sick when they are old, but it’s time to let him go at that age……..GUS IS HER BOYFRIEND, NOT RHONDA’S DOG!!!

  • jeanine cox

    There are so many …I sceamed at my kids for losing the DVR remote only to find that I had packed it away with the Christmas decorations a year ago.
    I would mention the time my youngest daughter was almost locked in an office bathroom overnight but I don’t want CPS to come knocking!

  • Kathleen Sussman

    Having a bad pain day w/about 3hrs sleep nite before-my hubby made us some pasta w/Barilla tomato sauce & the pots were just God awful dirty-so I decide for once I will use the “pots” cycle on my dishwasher-couldn’t sleep so I decided to surf the web in next room & couldn’t figure out why the dishwasher was taking soo long to wash-Didn’t dawn on me for 2+hrs that I had to switch it back to regular cycle after about 20mins on my brand washer!! Laughed then just like now-told my hubby when he came down for work @ 530am & he just smiled-Having this fibro fog,insomnia,chronic pain >10 years makes you learn to laugh & not sweat out the small stuff:)

  • Tierra

    Yesterday I had to run out to the market. I kept doubling back into the house because I kept forgetting things. Keys, purse, coupon book, hat, my sons diaper bag. Finally I was all ready to go and I started down the porch steps when my husband says, “you wearing your slippers?” I was so frustrated but I quickly found the situation hilarious. That’s the kinda thing I’ve had dreams about. To actually do it was crazy. I have foggy days almost everyday, but I’ll remember yesterday’s fog for a while!

  • westomoon

    I find that I don’t have to be specifically “allergic” to toxic chemicals in cleaning products for them to have a negative effect on me and my old pal lupus. It’s a good idea to read the labels on cleaning products in general — if there’s a reference to the Poison Prevention Center, I like to substitute a version that isn’t toxic.

    There are “rinse agents” (the general name for products that put that shine on your dishes — and also keep the inside of the dishwasher clean and pleasant) that are much less chemically iffy than Jet-Dry and its grocery-shelf competitors. You can buy a chemically benign rinse agent at the health-food store, or you can just fill that little container with white vinegar, using a squeeze bottle to do so.

  • Finny

    I’ve taken a whole loaf of bread out of the wrapper and put the bread in the dishwasher. I’ve left pans on the stove to burn. If something is lost, the first place I look is always the refrigerator, as I’ve been known to stick all sorts of non-fridge stuff (food and otherwise) there. Yeah, I lose/misplace stuff a lot!

  • Nanci Tomasetti

    Well, I’m not even sure this qualifies as brain fog but…I’m 66 years old and forget things all the time. I drive my husband crazy because I’m forever looking all over our little house for something that I “put away to be safe” and now it is lost. Naturally, I worry about this forgetfulness being the beginning of dementia but after reading what everyone has written I realize that it’s plain old brain fog! And I bet I’ll forget all about writing this in a week or two. I’ve got to let my husband know that forgetfulness is just another loopie thing. Thanks.

  • BeckyJo

    I’ve been having foggy months -I already have multiple illnesses and was just diagnosed with anemia,just had tests for heart problems & go to see about results this week, have an appointment next week with the gastroenterologist for return of old problems & just developed a “cyst or something” on my back so off to the dermatologist in a couple of weeks! My head is spinning-I hope I make it to the right doctor on the right day!!

  • Karen

    I have a ton but there is one that is still particularly embarrassing. I am a part time reading intervention teacher at an elementary school and always have brain fog challenges, but the most embarrassing happened in front of a supervisor that came in to observe me. In was teaching a lesson to a group of 5th graders when halfway through the lesson I started teaching the lesson all over because I forgot where I was! The kids let me finish and were kind of looking at me strange but they didn’t want to embarrass me. After I was finished one of them politely said did you know you taught the same thing twice? I just laughed it off.

    I have also picked up kids at the wrong time and tried to find kids in rooms that were in different ones but that’s a story for another day LOL

  • Carolynn

    Lynessa- I do the same thing and it is very frustrating! You’re not alone on that one. 🙂

  • Carolynn

    I don’t know if I have a true foggiest, because I am always foggy. We will watch a movie, and within a week, I’ll have lost most of the details. I’ve cooked veggies for dinner in the microwave, and find them the next morning while cleaning up. I lose everything… I’ll set it down somewhere, and not remember where.

    Ooo- here’s a good one, the foggy moment that made me decide that it is time for med trays, so I make no more mistakes. I had an appointment very early in the morning. So I rushed through my morning routine which is usually slow and mellow, as I am disabled now. By accident, I took my night time sleep aide instead of the morning thyroid medication. By the time I got to the doctor’s office, I was buzzing with exhaustion. I felt pretty silly.

  • Sherrie

    Showering, I wash my hair every day – so had washed hair, body and rinsed off, taking the hos and being able to even rinse my feet well – – – – got out – looked into the mirror and discovered I hadn’t rinsed my hair – so back in the shower I go!

    Too many foggy moments in my life – many each day and anytime I am on my feet moving from room to room!

  • Shirley

    How do I choose, so many–I guess the one that comes to mind right now is– I try to help my husband with invoices, not long ago I stayed up to midnight getting them ready to go in the mail and the next day I forgot all about them. They did not get mailed for 2 days.

  • Ali Durham

    I like to put things away where they don’t belong. Milk in the pantry? Yep. It wasn’t found until it was WAY too late! Pantry items in the dishwasher? Yep. Clean dishes in the oven. Yep. Life is always an exciting adventure of discovery around here! Luckily my husband and I use humor to get through it. The dog however doesn’t appreciate the fun. Especially when I pour his food into his water dish. He does not like dog food soup!

  • Lynessa Rissell

    One of my foggiest moments happened a couple of years ago when I was able to still work….I wanted to make a roast in the crockpot and put everything in it….turned it on and walked away…..Came home 6 hours later…looked at the crockpot….and saw that it wasn’t cooked. Long story short….check to make sure that said crockpot is plugged in….

  • Starting and stopping tasks in the middle of doing them because I forget what I’m doing. So nothing ever gets done.

  • Annette Harkness

    My foggiest moment occurred just recently, when I decided to simmer some potpourri on the stove. My husband had lay down for a nap. I filled a small pan with some water, turned the stove on medium low and wandered into the living room, where my husband was napping. I sat down, tired from the shopping we had done earlier. Next thing I knew, I woke up to the smell of smoke as the pan was burning. I quick took the pan off the element, and set it somewhere safe. I wandered back into the living room, sat back down and promptly fell asleep again. Next time I woke up to my husband yelling, ” Did you leave the stove on?” Definitely my foggiest moment of 2011.

  • Michelle F

    My foggiest moment has been when I finally loaded up my dishwasher, and instead of adding dish detergent or jet dry, I added HAND SOAP! Chemo give me Swiss cheese brain aka foggy moments!

  • Linda

    Hopped in the shower one morning, washed the body and rinsed. Then couldn’t remember what I was supposed to do next! (the correct answer is “wash hair!)

  • I have so much fogginess in my life that my foggiest story is too foggy to remember! In fact my entire life has been foggy since becoming ill 10 years ago! Wait, what is this for again?

  • Janice Riedel

    How about right now. I can’t think of anything. LUPUS fog causes me not to be able to remember/think. I do love JetDry!

  • My foggiest moment…. I was running late to get my kids to school and loaded my dishwasher and forgot to start it… We got home and I couldn’t make dinner because the pans I was going to cook with were still in the dishwasher NOT clean… I have several other “foggy” moments but this one seemed to fit the contest I even posted about doing this on my facebook page