Product Review: The Baby Sharmooz Baby Satin Headrest


After dealing with my own hair loss, due to the medications I am on for Lupus, I am extra sensitive to any hair issues. When I saw my baby daughter with bald spots from lying in her crib on her back, I was upset. Even though she did not know the difference, I noticed and strangers and family members noticed as well. I was looking for something that would help, and I found “The Baby Sharmooz”. As always, I love supporting other work at home moms, so when I learned that this was a mom-invented product I was thrilled.

Infant balding is caused when babies lie on their backs several hours a day; usually on cotton sheets, or on the coverings for swings, carriers and car seats. Cotton actually grips and tugs at the individual strands of your
baby’s delicate tresses causing breakage.
The Baby Sharmooz is a handmade satin headrest. It is so pretty and looks fancy. When you first look at the product it resembles a flat pillow, but it is a lustrous 100% textured satin headrest that has a non-slip backing.
It minimizes shifting of the headrest and grips to any fabric surface with the weight of your baby. Why didn’t I think of this idea? When I was losing my hair it was suggested that I sleep on silk bedding, so of course this would
work for my child.
This patented design resembles a pillow, but is really a headrest thus posing no suffocation hazard. It is created to fit perfectly into an infant’s environment and activities. The Baby Sharmooz is great to use in car seats, bouncy seats, swings and more. It is not intended for use in the crib. Baby should not have any type of blanket or pillow in the crib for the first year or so.
The website has pillow cases, blankets, gift baskets, monogramming and more. You can purchase yours at:
For more inform ation about the “Back to Sleep” Campaign to stop SIDS:
Article written by Christine Miserandino, © 2008