Product Review: Momworks Inc. Attachable Photo Albums


These attachable photo books are the perfect gift for anyone with a child. I love the bright ribbon that attaches to the baby’s highchair or car seat. I know first hand that baby’s like to throw things, or drop them. So this added feature was proof that this product was invented by a mom!

You can purchase the books in one of three different themes/ subjects. The first is called My Family. This version also comes in Spanish which is perfect for families who speak Spanish, but also for those of us who want to teach our children a different language. Looking at family photos has always been a favorite children’s activity. This book allows parents to place six memorable photos of family members in an educational book. A sticker page has been placed in the back of the book to customize the photo album to each family. The picture slot is a perfect easy size for small wallet photos. I think this is a great way to teach your child who the members of their family are, especially if you live far away from certain relatives and do not see them often.
The next book in the series is called ” My Friends”. This is ideal for parents belonging to play groups and Mommy & Me classes. I also think this would be a great book or gift for a child entering pre-school or kindergarten. They can learn the names of some of the children in their class.
The last book is called “My Birthday Party”. This is a great gift for any child’s birthday. It can serve as a lifelong keepsake that will have such great pictures and memories of that special day.
I really liked these high quality books. They are thick and sturdy and stood up to my teething daughter. The ribbon that attaches this book to her chair is genius and the low price of $7.99 makes this an affordable, quality gift for anyone to give!
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Article written by Christine Miserandino, © 2008