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Are you going to a baby shower this spring?
Being a new mom, and being in a circle of friends where it seems like everyone is pregnant, or has just become a mom I have been to my fair share of baby showers. I have to admit sometimes it gets boring to see the mother to be open the same ol’ gifts one after another. If I see one more diaper cake, or baby blanket I just might scream. Don’t get me wrong people should appreciate any gift they get for themselves or their child, but I have found that the gifts that get the biggest smiles are the new, different, interesting, truly helpful, or unique. I love gifts that make the crowd of woman “oooh!’. I like giving gifts that people say “where did you get that!?” Well here are some of my new favorite gifts to give to babies, kids and new moms. To make this list even better for those of you who shop from home, they are all available on the internet, at easy to use websites. Why wait on long lines, find a parking space with the price of gas, when with a few clicks you can now be the gift giver everyone will want to invite to their next party!

1. Bummas has the cutest, softest washcloths made especially for drying baby bottoms, as well as blocking those surprise “squirts” from changing little boys diapers. They can be used at changing time, or for bath time. They are sized perfectly at 5×7, small and cute. But they are also tough enough to stand up to multible washings and scrubbings. Bummas come in a joyful colorful pack of ten. They are 100% cotton- woven velour Terry Cloth. They are made in the USA. They have 4 color themes to pick from for boys, girls, and unisex. What I liked about these was their unique sizing and softness. It also was a new twist on an old favorite gift of plain old washcloths. They are $16.99 and you can buy yours at www.bummas.com
2. I have always been a big fan of www.mymiraclebaby.com for finding those special gifts. This year I received a personalized T shirt for my daughter’s first birthday. It is called the Happy Birthday Girl T shirt. It is fully customizable with choice of boy/ girl, hair color, style and skin tone. You can have the kid on the shirt look just like the child you are giving it to. I loved that this wasn’t just any generic birthday T shirt, but it look like my little girl, with her name on it. It was perfect because after we took pictures in her fancy party dress, and after everyone saw her “all dressed up” we wanted her to change into play clothes, but still look special. This customizable T shirt was the perfect find, but also came at a very affordable price. The shirt is 100% cotton and they have a large variety of sizes from 12 months – Youth medium. You can buy yours for only $14.95 at: mymiraclebaby.com
3. When a plain old baby towel just won’t due, you can look for something indulgent for baby’s first bath. Aden + Anais from Australia make hooded towels and washcloths. They are made from the finest cotton to produce the softest bath accessory for your special baby. The distinctive feature of the aden + anais towel set is the addition of a muslin washcloth. These washcloths have been designed with the most delicate newborn skin in mind. Made from 100% muslin cotton, there is nothing better for your baby’s new skin. Both the towel and washcloth can be machine-washed and tumble-dried, which is a nice feature for a gift so special. The generous size of 47x 47 makes them usable for babies and toddlers. They are such a nice size that you can even use them as a light blanket. At $29.95 you are getting a boutique looking bath set for an affordable price. You can buy yours here.
Article submitted by Christine Donato, 2009 butyoudontlooksick.com

  • Thanks for the ideas for baby gifts. My daughter is about to give birth to my first grandson.