Book Review: Three Days To A Life That Works


by Lee Watters
I had this book for a few weeks before I even attempted to begin it. The
title, alone, is intimidating – Three Days To A Life That Works. I knew that
this was not going to be a book that I could breeze through. This book takes
work, lots of work.

For those of you that enjoy self-help books, you know that there is no magic
pill that you take in order to be a changed person. For those of you that subscribe
to counseling and therapy, you know that change is a very slow and difficult
process. It takes us years to become the person we are and I find it difficult
to believe that we can truly change in a mere three days.

In fairness, the author asks you to devote three days to this book and the
writing exercises within. To be honest, I don’t know too many people who can
actually spare three days out of their busy schedules, but that’s a whole other
problem. Yes, we are all too rushed, too tense and too busy. Personally, I think
I would have found this book easier to tackle if I was away on a deserted island
or at least on a vacation or a retreat.

Anyway, I forged ahead, even though the suggested three days took me three weeks
in actual time. This book takes time because the three days are broken into
three areas: 1. Find Peace; 2. Feel Joy; and, 3. Be Loved. Each chapter is
filled with life-pondering questions to which to respond in workbook fashion.

If you are honest with yourself, the book is a good guide on what is/is not
working in your life. It certainly helps you put things in focus, things that
you might not always take the time to think about.

Do I feel changed? Not really, but I do feel that everything we read, write down
and experience helps to make us the people toward which we are constantly
evolving. They are all pieces to a puzzle. Perhaps I am just better for having
taken the time to go through the process and, in doing so, acknowledge that
seeking peace, joy and love is, after all, what each of us innately seeks.

Title: Three Days To A Life That Works
Author: Lee Watters
Publisher: 1st Books Library
ISBN: 1410791874
Review written by: Janet Pope