Book Review: The Black Unicorn


Book Two in the Magic Kingdom of Landover Series by Terry Brooks

Ben Holiday, now safely ensconced as High Lord of Landover is in trouble again. This time he must overcome the magic of self-deception to save his himself, his friends and his kingdom and to uncover the mystery of the elusive Black Unicorn. Another fanciful story with a great lesson, taught by MY favorite character; a prism cat named Edgewood Dirk, who, although a fairy creature, is the epitome of cats everywhere.
“…playing games is a way of life with cats. We tease, we taunt, and we do exactly as we please, not as others would have us do. Playing games is an integral part of our personae. Those who wish to have any sort of relationship with us must expect as much. They must understand that participation in our games is necessary if they wish to communicate on any level.” (p. 94).
This series is shaping up to be a great and FUN read great for readers from teen to 100+, it takes you to a place the likes of which is only seen in dreams yet addresses many real-life issues all of us face, in the process.
Stay tuned for the next book in the series, Wizard At Large.

Title: The Black Unicorn
Author: Terry Brooks
Publisher: Del Ray/Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0-345-33528-7
Review written by: Tammi Appelman