Product Review: Belly Ups Maternity Clothing Solutions


Still want to wear the cool low rise jeans you have always loved? Hate walking into the maternity section of the clothing store in fear of elastic waist bands. Well have no fear…Belly Ups are here.

Belly Ups are unique little suspenders that attach from your bra to your pants to hold up the low rise fashions. They are undetectable under most outfits, and at $13 they are low cost enough for you to give them a try. They come in your choice of black, nude or my personal favorite, black with pink hearts. Belly ups are one size fits all. They are really easy to use, I can see them becoming a part of your morning dressing routine in no time.
At first it may seem odd, or you might think it will pull your bra down. But after a few minutes you are comfortable and you realize that everything is right in place. These can be worn from very early pregnancy to after the baby is born and you ease yourself back into your non maternity wardrobe.
Why settle for fashions you don’t like, just because you are pregnant? Keep those jeans you like and have your baby belly too!
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Article written by Christine Miserandino, © 2006