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Well our little one is beginning to crawl, and before I know it she will be running all over the house! I started to look for baby safety gates not only for her safety, but for my energy. I do not want her to fall down stairs etc, but I also know that I do not have the energy to run all over the house following her. The idea of keeping her safe in one or two rooms at a time, seems like a good one for both of us.

The first gate we tried was the Auto-Close Auto-Locking Baby Gate. This gate was great because when you are holding the baby, or if you have packages in your hands, the gate closes behind you. No more fumbling with locks and doors. I also liked this feature because I have a dog that I keep out of certain rooms, and I liked that the gate shut quickly behind me after I went through. This ensured my dog did not follow me to where he was not
supposed to go. We did need the extension piece for the gate, since the opening of our doorway is extra big, but it was so easy to find on the website.
The next gate I ordered was the Center Gateway Beechwood Baby Gate. This one was going on the staircase in my living room, and I liked the way it worked, but I loved the way it looked. It kept the living room looking nice and not like a day care center. Many gates look plastic and flimsy, but this one is nice wood and sturdy. It blends in seamlessly with our decor.
I was very happy with both purchases and very pleased with the customer service. I worked with a woman named Kyna from She was very knowledgeable about the products and offered great suggestions
to a new mom like me. As always, I especially loved shopping here instead of a big typical baby retail store, because it supports a work from home mom.
If you are in need of a safety gate, I would highly recommend:
Article written by Christine Miserandino, © 2008