Book Review: Spare Change by Robert B. Parker


A Sunny Randal novel

When a serial killer dubbed the Spare Change Killer shows up in Boston after a thirty year hiatus, retired cop Randall is brought into the task force, since he had been the lead investigator during the earlier killings. He asks his daughter, Sunny, to join him in cracking the murder. Sunny was also a police officer before she quit the force to become a private investigator. He feels that her sharp mind and keen eye will be a large asset in stopping any further murders. She is delighted to work with her father, whom she adores, and to help him put to rest a case that has haunted him for so long. They catch a lucky break early in the murders by closing off a park while the killer is still inside the crowd of people. When interviewed, the man becomes intrigued with Sunny and allows a cat and mouse game to begin between them. Within the layers of this story is the development of an understanding of what makes Sunny tick, who the killer is and why he kills, as well as an exploration of family dynamics. This is a fairly easy book to read and enjoyable for anyone interested in lightly delving into the psyche of people who are less than stable. Parker is skilled at drawing images of his characters, which allow you to feel that you know who they are, as well as giving insight into people in your own life who are similar. I enjoyed this book very much.
Robert B. Parker
G.P. Putnam’s Sons
ISBN # 978-0-399-15425-6
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