Book Review: Two Little Girls in Blue By: Mary Higgins Clark


Most of us that suffer with chronic illnesses and are unable to work, find ourselves sitting during the day bored and anxious because there is just nothing to do, or maybe you’re even stuck in bed. I have found the joy of reading while being at home has been an escape for me. I can go any place, and be anyone I want to be, just by opening a book. I love romance, traveling to exotic places, or even going back in time to another century. Fantasy where dragons and elves are roaming the earth, or mystery where murder is the center of the plot, is all possible for me though books. I love to read and have found it an outlet for me to be able to see things I may never be able to see.
I love England, so lately I’ve been reading fiction and non-fiction books about England and getting a feel for the old churches and historic landscapes of that beautiful country. I love fantasy- unicorns, elves, wizards and such, is a realm all its own and so much fun to read about. Even biographies are wonderful. Reading about other people’s lives and struggles can be a comfort to you as you go through your own life’s struggles and trials. I have found reading to be my escape, where I can forget that I’m sick and take the character of a native princess, a forensic detective, a young girl trapped in a castle or a doctor in Africa. I encourage reading- it’s a no stress, relaxing thing to do that will keep your mind working and teach you new things as well.
Here is a book review for a book I’ve just read that was beyond amazing!

In Mary Higgins Clark’s book “Two Little Girls In Blue,” she weaves the tale of mystery and drama by telling the story of every parent’s nightmare. Twins Kelly and Kathy were abducted from their home and held for ransom. Not sure why these twins were taken, as the parents were not wealthy or famous, the company the husband works for offers to put up the ransom money. With the money transferred and the kidnapper satisfied, the plan goes wrong. Instead of both twins being returned, only one twin is given back with a note stating that the other was killed and buried at sea. As the parents mourn their lost child, the twin that was returned, Kelly begins to tell her mother “Kathy is crying, she’s scared and says she wants to come home”. Can the twins really be having telepathic communication? No one else believes it but a mother’s intuition is never wrong and she will stop at nothing to save her little girl.
It was a heartfelt, thriller book, which I could not put down. The story was shocking, entertaining and compelling and I found that this was one of the best books I have read this year. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a captivating story. Mary Higgins Clark is a world-renowned author and this book is testament to that.
Title: Two Little Girls in Blue
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN #:0743264908
Book review written by: stefanie Leale, © 2006