Book Review: Natural Pain relief – A Practical Handbook for Self-Help


The author , Jan Sadler, developed these techniques for pain-relief after drug therapy was ineffective in controlling her pain caused by a back injury and operation. Unlike many books on alternative pain relief, which concentrate on alternative therapies from outside our bodies, this book is entirely about the control we can develop over ourselves, our lives and our pain.

Topics covered include pacing, relaxation, breathing techniques, meditation, visualization, self-talk and positive attitude. The book is divided into units , each one devoted to a particular aspect of this kind of pain relief, and each concluded with a list of Action Guidelines on how to implement the techniques in your life and get the best response from them.
The unit style of the book means that you can pick it up and read whatever section you want to learn about or refresh your memory on, without needing to read the preceding ones. It also has a chapter on what to do when your pain is flaring, so if you are in that situation you can just go straight to that unit. Jan Sadler has a friendly writing style and the book is extremely well organized and laid out – I found it a pleasure to read, and easy to comprehend even when brain-fog hit.
Although this book covers many techniques that a long-time self-advocate would have come across before, it is still extremely useful as a reminder. For people with chronic pain who are recently diagnosed or have not come across mental techniques for pain-relief before, this book would be an invaluable read, providing all the information and instructions you need in an easy to read and understandable format.

Article submitted by: Lindsey Middlemiss ,, © 2006
Title: Natural Pain relief – A Practical Handbook for Self-Help
Author: Jan Sadler
ISBN: 085207350X
Publisher: C W Daniel Co Ltd

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