Book Review: Sharon Osbourne Extreme: The Autobiography


Sharon Osbourne is a larger than life character whose family achieved near global recognition through the reality show ‘The Osbournes’. Sharon is best known to some people as a judge on TV shows such as, America’s Got Talent, X factor, and as the wife of ex-Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne, but she was also the daughter of music manager Don Arden, Sharon was mixing with music stars and leading a fascinating, roller coaster life before she even met Ozzy.

I found her autobiography ‘Extreme’ to be a fascinating insight into this often misunderstood woman.
The autobiography is written slightly differently from many autobiographies with the normal progression of the book being interspersed with a description of a recent event (at the time of writing): the surprise party to celebrate Ozzy’s first year of sobriety.
The autobiography is never boring. Not only has Sharon led an eventful life from childhood onwards, but she doesn’t linger on the passage of years, preferring to describe in more detail specific events.
The blurb on the book’s cover says that the book seeks to explain the truth behind the scandals and you definitely get the impression that events were chosen for inclusion in the book that best explain Sharon and what went on in the Osbourne household during various scandals.
Before reading ‘Extreme’ I wasn’t quite sure what I thought of Sharon Osbourne- perhaps brash, plain speaking and well known for her gastric bypass surgery and plastic surgery, as well as a history of scandal, Sharon can inspire dislike, even if you respect her, but the book leaves an impression of an amazing survivor and a warm-hearted woman, to whom her family is everything.

Author: Sharon Osbourne
Hardcover: 365 pages
Publisher: Springboard Press (October 11, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0821280147
Review written by: Lindsey Middlemiss, © 2008

  • Julie Jo Koehler

    I haven’t read her book, but I do know she has lupus and autoimmune disease undoubtedly runs in the family-Jack with MS. I find her tenacity refreshing. She’s certainly a spitfire-don’t you think? 😀