Website Review: GoGetter JetSetter


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Website Review: GoGetter JetSetter

I am one of the many people who has a fear of flying on airplanes. I am lucky that this hasn’t stopped me from traveling, but it has made for some very unpleasant trips. I have had anxiety, stress, and upsetment before a flight only to get to my destination feeling exhausted from the emotional experience. I have no logical reason to feel this way. I have never had a bad flight experience, or even know anyone who has. I can’t explain why I have been afraid, I just am. My fears seem to be worse during take- off and landing.
I have found a website that has an Instant MP3 Download with Tips for using Hypnotherapy and NLP audio programs to help conquer your fear of flying. There are 4 downloadable tracks and a 42 chapter handbook. The foundational 18 minute track of the program is a customized version of The Fast Phobia Cure technique. Its purpose is to completely disassociate you from your feelings of fear, allowing you to feel feelings of calm when flying (real or imagined).
There is a free download called “The Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Fearful Flyers Make… And How to Quickly and Easily Fix Them!”
There are also 5 additional bonus tracks that deal with other hypnosis subjects like the fear of heights, or claustrophobia.
The website claims easy-to-follow steps guarantee you become a calm, confident, and in-control flyer. With a 100% money back guarantee, why not try it? The cost is $39. The website and program is written by JP Richards who is a Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, & Creator of GoGetter JetSetter.
At the very least he website has some interesting information and is worth the read. Check it out.
Article written by Christine Miserandino, © 2007
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  • Mark

    Terrible post. He is a scam and you are encouraging it