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If you are a mom like me, you can recognize the Gerber baby logo anywhere. Our babies have been eating their foods for years, but I had no idea the same company offers children’s life insurance. I know it may sound silly to
get term life insurance for a child, but I decided to research and find out more. I started to see their television ads for the “grow -up” plan, so I decided to go to their website and check them out.
GerberTerm Life Insurance Quote has been insuring babies since 1967. The company’s juvenile life insurance products include the “Grow-Up” whole life policy. The company also offers whole life policies for young adults and older
adults, term life plans, and life burial plans, as well as accident protection.
Some interesting points to consider:
Coverage automatically doubles at age 21.
No Medical Exam necessary.
30 day Money-back Guarantee.
Easy online payment options.
A whole life insurance policy covers you for your entire life, unlike term insurance, which only covers you for a specified period. A whole life policy also builds cash value – the insurance company takes a portion of your
premium and invests it. Generally speaking, a whole life policy is considerably more expensive than a term policy, which is why most finance experts don’t recommend them especially for new families. Some financial
experts feel that it is best to invest the money you would have spent on life insurance for your child, in a tax-advantaged education account like a Coverdell ESA or 529 plan instead.
You can get a Term Life Insurance Quotes so you have nothing to lose. Of course buying life insurance is a personal decision based on many factors including finances, health, and lifestyle. Do your research before
making any decisions and do what works best for you.
Written by Christine Miserandino © 2008
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